Koios' origin – a rise of the Titans

Dear Titans,

This proposal comes to you all from a caring and clear heart. It is a story of origin, choices, beliefs, and eventually a proposal to facilitate the rise of titans. I need a bit of run-up, but it includes a very personal milestone, so allow me to walk you through my tale.

The origin

My ride has been a wonderful one. I went from Habbo hustler’s bobba and poker player to an elderly caretaker for people with Alzheimer's. I ignored my heart and gut, jumped on the hamster wheel, and became a certified auditor at BDO & Deloitte. I was lucky enough to get a second chance to refind my purpose when I started teaching. To give up a career in finance and start teaching at a young age was a choice that few understood. But it was a choice by heart, not the head, and it allowed me to fall in love with teaching and helping young talents. My mind shifted toward learning and guidance.

And then magic kicked in…

I found a new type of ledger that rearranged trust in our social interactions. A new kind of internet magic. I grew a hunger for knowledge like never before. I am talking about my passion for public blockchains and the Commons they create.

Together with my childhood friend and spiritual wordsmith Kensho, we began our first blockchain community in 2017. That is where I discovered the power of community and all that it brings. New human connections with loads of laughter, joy, and shared alpha, hopium & dreams of possibilities. WAGMI. With input from the community, I created a blockchain curriculum which we launched at the University. With as many memes as errors in our content and ways, we quickly grew to hundreds of students per year. Many highly talented ones are still lurking around after years, and I now happily call them my friends.

2016-2017 were crazy. Kensho specialized in his god-like trading skills, and I learned like a madman. My beautiful twin daughters also entered the world. All types of new emotions and sleepless nights filled with work, dirty diapers (lots of them), and the hawking of shitcoins. Mixing a loving father's life with teaching and babysitting bitcoin charts. Gradually changing from Kitsune into Kidsune. A special thanks to my loved ones and their patience; I haven't been easy.

And then crypto winter began in '18. Most of the action dried out, but we were head over heels in love with the possibilities. In this moment of rest, we kept growing and iterating on ideas, attracting knowledge and skills from different corners. With Bitcoin specialist Martijn Bolt, who brought seniority, we grew into a more mature ½-year program. We combined theory with working in the field, as you only learn how to ride a bike when actually riding. We engaged with at least 50+ partners like the government, the Dutch Blockchain Coalition, communities, and crypto teams worldwide. All the while working overtime in early mornings and late nights, sharing life's alpha with fellow apes in the trenches. These human connections and shared dreams kept us warm and going during the winter. The alpha from never-sleeping and always-hungry members like Baltasar and OmniscientAsian put a roof above my kids' heads. I am forever grateful for this.

We kept meeting beautiful people and focused on building networks and content. 2018 was a year with too many plans and a few failed experiments; we had an Excel file with 80 potential ideas?! But with perseverance came clarity, and we slowly moved towards our next level…

In 2019 I had to do an assignment for an Msc. in Digital Currencies. "What sector would you disrupt with blockchain technology?". With a passion and energy I had never encountered before, I worked out the first concepts of decentralized community learning. Kensho created the name: Koios, the ancient Greek Titan of knowledge, intellect, and inquisitive mind. An open learning environment, decentralized and in the hands of the community. It would enable ecosystem learning. It would be a community with a platform that would accelerate talents.

Ignoring well-intended industrial age advice like 'you should really monetize your knowledge/claim IP/create business models', we did not choose big money as a model. Instead, we opted in for a choice by heart once again: a full-grown Koios could potentially realize 'Education as a Common'. Free lifelong for all. And as Nelson Mandela once stated: education is the most powerful weapon to change the world. We would change the world!!

How humble we were. It was my lowest grade in the entire MSc. program, the worst in class. This says something about the state we and our ideas were in.

But with grit, new friends, and an ecosystem of student talents, dedicated alumni, field specialists, and exceptional strategic partners, we kept pushing. The University allowed me to spend time developing Koios under their wings. And partners like the Municipality of The Hague funded gifted students like Dennis IJlst, that helped build the first version of Koios. In the meantime, genuine Superstars had joined. Think Gerard Persoon, our beloved smart contract sensei and ethical compass. Think Martijn van der Linden, our famous money guru and always the most intelligent person in the room. They guided us in the process and provided balance and wisdom as we gradually found more support within the University. Hero colleagues who backed the project with their energy and skin. Thank you, Eveline, Simone, Philippe, Sandra, Deborah, and Marius. For taking risks, facilitating, and believing 🙏.

So build we did. We now have decent courses, a vibrant and talented community of rising titans, and a quickly growing platform with new content from other universities coming up this year. We increased from 30 to 1,000 students per year (2021-2022), introduced Ghanese students to web3, and won a few prizes.

Evolution, not revolution

But there was also a more rational and colder side to this fox, heavily trained during my decade in auditing. It taught me to consistently monitor output and strategize. It made sure I kept pushing towards boundaries, my eyes focused on the end goal of education as a common. We went fast, but more often than I would like to admit, not always together. Until I met the Kernel community and Andy Tudhope, with his warm techno-philosophical curriculum. When you are active in web3 building, it is a MUST: learn via Kernel (and raise/build commons via their affiliates at Gitcoin).

Although we never met in the meat world, I felt insane alignment and beauty. I frequently had tears in my eyes during their course. The Kernel approach changed me in many ways and allowed me to see many flaws in my methods. I was introduced to the power of conversation and listening, to think in patterns and complementary opposites. This track confirmed that it is more than okay to play. It also connected me to the gifted Akasha, who designed the incredible cosmic art for the Titan NFTs. But it is one particular insight that shifted my mind… It is not about my end goal nor reaching my summits; it is all about intention and doing things together as human beings. Evolution, not revolution. Together.

My promise

We will deploy our final upgrades, which will launch Koios from its baby phase into its toddler phase. We are thrilled with the upcoming releases, but it came out of nowhere for you as a regular community member. And that will change, as a second proposal with details about the launch will soon follow. You will have a voice via the governance $TITAN, a face via the Titan NFTs, and hands via donated starting capital. I perhaps don't know you yet, dear Titan, but I believe you and I came from the same cosmic particles that still connect us daily. And that we both have our own set of gifts. I must make way and denounce control to make room for your potential. So that we both thrive and accelerate each other.

What I will do:

  • I have already quit my position at the University. You are all in excellent hands with powerhouses Malva and Jamie and their team with rising talents!
  • I will donate community funds so you can build together with the insane in-house Koios Core developers team. Legends like Fiera, Loop, Steppie, PauwCrypto, Nima, and Cryingeaglez will have your back.
  • I will keep pushing boundaries in new directions. My upcoming proposals will be suggestions regarding the launch of the NFT, content, token model, legal challenges, governance, and juicy TBA stuff.
  • I will quickly decrease my voting rights and distribute my titans over rising talents.
  • Instead of coordinating behind the scenes, I will work entirely in the open. For $TITANS, not $. No more solo-decision making and biased boundaries. Instead, let's make space for the community in all the decisions via proposals, group discussions, and weekly community calls.

TL;DR: I will adjust to what the community decides. From leading to serving. It might sound like a demotion in some ears, but it comes from my core intention to migrate to a different model: a migration from all-for-one to one-for-all. Our hero academia: to enable titans to grow.

So that they learn, earn and perhaps one day return: enrich the world with their talent.

The proposal (finally😊)

A remark: this proposal is not a Schelling point but acts as a symbolic vote. It is the precursor for the era of community control, the rise of Titans. Future proposals will be far more detailed and will most likely be heavily discussed within the community before reaching final outcomes.

To take the subsequent steps in decentralization, I need to distribute my current $TITAN tokens to community members and ecosystem partners. Any future $TITANS I earn with this public key, I will circulate as well.
Hence, my question, up for voting:

*Can public key 0xC3036b696Ea52F6846F3F22E2EB709C595F0e09A freely send $TITAN tokens?


LFG, set my heart ablaze

A first response might be, why sacrifice all for free? Experiences have proven past few years that the more you give, the more you receive. To be inspired by the world, you should allow the world to be inspired by you. Alone you go fast, but together you go far (I can do quotes all day 😊). But in all honesty, two things led to my decision. First: sharing is sacred. Second: because I can. My cards are shuffled in such a way that I feel I must. I come to teach and to be taught.

As we only have now, let's start now.

I will create as much magic as I possibly can. But more importantly, I will listen. It is time for me to become an empty cup once again. To enable the next generation of principled people to accelerate their talents and become part of the paradigm shift.

I know nothing. Together, we are all.
This is my declaration, my proposal,
with love,


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