July 28th, 2022

Dit is een on-going werkdocument/braindump welke continue wordt aangepast. Zoals je merkt is het vooral een rommeltje omdat we nog niet helemaal weten hoe het er uit ziet. Wat we wel weten is dat het aanbieden van een total overview van het blockchain ecosysteem erg waardevol is voor de creator (leert ervan!) en de student. Ook voor het ecosysteem. Dus we gaan komende periode 3 dingen doen

  1. Een overview maken van blockchain ecosysteem (alle onderdelen afzonderlijk van elkaar). Deze noemen we de blockchain blueprint.
  2. Nadenken over mogelijke manieren om mensen de blueprint te laten vullen. Belangrijk is dat opbrengsten ruim voldoende moeten zijn voor de tijdsinvestering en dat rekening gehouden wordt met het onderhouden van curriculum, als de technische haalbaarheid (standaard uploader)
  3. Dit document bijwerken as we go.

Waar denken wij dat een ecosysteem curriculum aan moet voldoen?

Aan welke eisen moet het curriculum van de toekomst voldoen?

July 26th, 2022

Summary TL;DR

Give Kidsune 10 Titans per week + give excelling students 2 Titans per week for clearing the roadmap. For these tokens we will go in full work-out mode to grow Koios in multiple directions. Kidsune’s titans are not for personal use but will be redistributed across the ecosystem to other active contributing members. This way we develop Koios as well as a healthy ecosystem of Titans for years to come.

Why a proposal?

We made great advancements jump-starting Koios, but we are far from a full-grown Koios. As the technologies and our experiences are growing, the horizon gradually becomes more clear. We foresee several big improvements within our grasp. In order to realise them, more initiation/coordination and incentivization are needed. We need energy, and for that I need the community to improve the following budget allocation. Sort of the oil, to get the engines running:

July 26th, 2022

The next period will be a period of renewed focus: the main aim of Koios will be to land talent in web3. My first step in that process will be the creation of a separate 'Titan Academy', an elite track for eager students that will collaborate with community members. The short-term goal of this track is to:

  1. provide extra knowledge to eager students and help them score web3 jobs and earning opportunities

  2. facilitate highly-motivated students to work with the community on planned KoiosDAO activities

    The long-term goal is:

  3. to build a strong network of titans active in web3.

Entry requirements Titan Academy

  • Only 25 spots are available.
  • Officially anyone can register. In this phase, we primarily expect blockchain minor students. This allows us to test and gradually grow in a real-life sandbox environment.
  • Admission is determined on a case-by-case basis. As we act on behalf of the DAO and invest our energy and network, we will be critical.
  • We will use quantitative metrics: quiz grades, deadline met, attendance, acquired tokens, and Discord level.
  • And we will use subjective metrics: behavior in Discord, activity in class, social/helpful/ethical/other behavioral criteria, good-old-fashioned gut feeling.
June 13th, 2022

Rewarding Contributions in $TITAN

You can find the associated discussion on the Discord forum here.


This proposal seeks to clarify how contributions in Koios DAO are rewarded in our non-financial Governance token, $TITAN.

June 8th, 2022

Dear reader,

With much joy & excitement, we bring you the launch of the Titan NFT collection 🤟! The original proposal can be found here & the general intro can be found here.

This collection of original Titans aims to provide a new tool for Koios community members. The NFTs will open new doors in learning online and allow members to receive rewards as they add value to the ecosystem by helping others. But, perhaps the most exciting part is that we can't even foresee all the future possibilities!

You are reading our communities proposal for the initial launch of the NFT collection containing a limited amount of 1,000 original Titans. Our intention is to get each original Titan in the hands of our most active and value-adding members. However, we are not in a rush and expect to slowly distribute these Titans in the future. All will have a shot to earn their Titan based on contributions and added value, which can be very diverse. We aim for a responsible launch based on the values of our community: decentralized, transparent, fair, playful, and without the intention of causing harm to others.

April 15th, 2022

Dear Titans,

This proposal comes to you all from a caring and clear heart. It is a story of origin, choices, beliefs, and eventually a proposal to facilitate the rise of titans. I need a bit of run-up, but it includes a very personal milestone, so allow me to walk you through my tale.

The origin

My ride has been a wonderful one. I went from Habbo hustler’s bobba and poker player to an elderly caretaker for people with Alzheimer's. I ignored my heart and gut, jumped on the hamster wheel, and became a certified auditor at BDO & Deloitte. I was lucky enough to get a second chance to refind my purpose when I started teaching. To give up a career in finance and start teaching at a young age was a choice that few understood. But it was a choice by heart, not the head, and it allowed me to fall in love with teaching and helping young talents. My mind shifted toward learning and guidance.