Titan Academy

The next period will be a period of renewed focus: the main aim of Koios will be to land talent in web3. My first step in that process will be the creation of a separate 'Titan Academy', an elite track for eager students that will collaborate with community members. The short-term goal of this track is to:

  1. provide extra knowledge to eager students and help them score web3 jobs and earning opportunities

  2. facilitate highly-motivated students to work with the community on planned KoiosDAO activities

    The long-term goal is:

  3. to build a strong network of titans active in web3.

Entry requirements Titan Academy

  • Only 25 spots are available.
  • Officially anyone can register. In this phase, we primarily expect blockchain minor students. This allows us to test and gradually grow in a real-life sandbox environment.
  • Admission is determined on a case-by-case basis. As we act on behalf of the DAO and invest our energy and network, we will be critical.
  • We will use quantitative metrics: quiz grades, deadline met, attendance, acquired tokens, and Discord level.
  • And we will use subjective metrics: behavior in Discord, activity in class, social/helpful/ethical/other behavioral criteria, good-old-fashioned gut feeling.


To build consistency, we start with alignment in the THUAS blockchain minor:

  • Every Thursday from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m., after the standard curriculum classes (finishes at 13.00). Classes are physical, not online, but a Discord voice channel is always open for all community members.
  • Weekly meet-up at 5 p.m (open for all community members)
  • Drinks at 6 p.m (open for all community members)
  • Depending on the program's success and the number of enrolments, changes in frequency or locations might happen.


We physically meet at The Hague University of Applied Sciences. There will also be a voice channel open in Discord (if there is genuinely no option to join physically).

Program outline

  • 60 minutes: in-depth materials, offered at a rapid pace OR a panel of field specialists that join us at THUAS (conversation between specialists and Titans can join in with questions)
  • 30 minutes: gain practical experience through play 2 earn tools
  • 30 minutes: Q&A / what comes to mind
  • 60 minutes: gain practical experience by working on assignments from the DAO roadmap. The DAO work will be weekly assignments, and progress will be shown in the community call.

We aim to prepare for a professional life in a dynamic, continuously changing environment. Weekly class topics:

  1. Personal development – aim
  2. Health –endurance
  3. Investing101 – financial security
  4. Tokenomics – core
  5. Defi Deep Dive – first use cases
  6. Other - free space

The rewards for participants?

  • In-depth knowledge and coaching, combined with social activities/places to delve into topics that interest you with like-minded people.
  • Earnings through different levels via individual assignments, play2earns, and side-jobs.
  • Field Network Access and job- and internship opportunities.
  • Earn Titans via a weekly reward of 2 Titans + earn Titans & $ via bounties from roadmap activity.
  • Special POAPs, including unlocks in the dynamic NFT
  • Participants do NOT receive ECT. This is a Koios track, not an official THUAS track (there will be no tests, but weekly presentations of progress to other community members).

Where can I enroll?

Send a DM with your motivation to Kidsune in Discord or ask around in #general.

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