Koios Growth

Summary TL;DR

Give Kidsune 10 Titans per week + give excelling students 2 Titans per week for clearing the roadmap. For these tokens we will go in full work-out mode to grow Koios in multiple directions. Kidsune’s titans are not for personal use but will be redistributed across the ecosystem to other active contributing members. This way we develop Koios as well as a healthy ecosystem of Titans for years to come.

Why a proposal?

We made great advancements jump-starting Koios, but we are far from a full-grown Koios. As the technologies and our experiences are growing, the horizon gradually becomes more clear. We foresee several big improvements within our grasp. In order to realise them, more initiation/coordination and incentivization are needed. We need energy, and for that I need the community to improve the following budget allocation. Sort of the oil, to get the engines running:

  • 10 Titans per week for Kidsune
  • 2 Titans per week per Titan Academy participant (capped at max 25 people)
  • Transfers are weekly, after progress approval community in weekly meet-up. If progress is lacking, payments will not be done.
  • Honor students can in addition still claim bounty rewards for completing roadmap activities.
  • Start date 1 september 2022

Upcoming improvements 2022

All activities will be executed in collaboration with different community members, who will be able to claim the roadmap bounties. In short:

  1. Titan Academy - improve quality new members
  2. Blockchain Blueprint - Improve curriculum
  3. POAP – new tool
  4. Website & Discord alignment – improve tool
  5. Titan Token & Founding Titan NFT – improve tool
  6. New NFTs
  7. Grow KoiosDAO
  8. Grow partner Network

More details for the more curious minds

  1. Titan Academy - improve quality new members

    We are surrounded by talent, but we have no decent structure to maximize the potential of our most excelling students yet. For this reason, Kidsune will set up the Titan Academy, a weekly elite track for excelling, eager students. Non-students can also enrol, but selection is strict and max number of available slots is 25.

    More info: https://mirror.xyz/kidsune.eth/lifOVYFWGGhcfxbZEMU4g4-yV91QKhJHD4EcGMLOcE0.

    Value for the DAO? During the academy the excelling students talent will also work on DAO activities. The academy is a tool for talent selection and to better guide talented new members of our community. The academy also happens to support drinks and meet-ups, open for all community members ;-)

    Deliverable? During Q3-Q4 2022, Kidsune will guide at least five talents in their personal development and DAO contributions via the Titan Academy.

  2. Blockchain Blueprint - Improve curriculum

    Ecosystem learning starts with an ecosystem curriculum: open for all, ever up-to-date, covered by specialists, and incentivizing people in all kinds of ways to either learn and/or to create high quality content. Our current curriculum is far from that, but…we might have found a possible solution from which we can work towards this ideal. It is a 1,000 mile journey, but it starts with a few first steps. Kidsune will start with step 1, the creation of 'Blockchain Blueprint V0.1': a total overview of the Blockchain Ecosystem, where all elements and projects are structured and visually connected.

    More info? Link TBA

    Value for the DAO? Each step in the process is already of value, like the blueprint, but a succesfull ecosystem curriculum is a key to mass adoption for KoiosDAO.

    Deliverable Q4? Kidsune will publicly share version 0.1 of the Blockchain Blueprint.

  3. POAP – new tool

    Presence and pro-active behavior in class and community are challenging. Building a openly visible reputation is also challenging. The popular POAPs might offer a win-win solution. Kidsune will integrate POAPs in our ecosystem and will connect with the POAP ecosystem for continuous improvements (https://www.poap.xyz).

    More info? https://discourse.poap.xyz/t/poaps-and-titans-innovating-education/7264/3.
    Value for the DAO? Connection to POAP ecosystem and all the benefits of POAPs.
    Deliverable Q4? Working POAPs, actively distributed on weekly basis. At least two POAP types: class POAPs and Titan Academy POAPs.

  4. Website & Discord alignment

    The Discord isn’t in alignment with the .app environment, nor capturing the full value accruement for Discord activity from token holders. We also miss games! And you yourself might have one or two improvements in mind? Kidsune’s role will mainly be initiating and supporting tech and community members with administrative tasks like proposal writing, coordination, communication, etc. (so you can focus on building and reaping rewards).

    More info? First step: https://snapshot.org/#/koios.eth/proposal/0xa5a04a410ecfb7c92fe92467413ebbb39fb19565fbc143aae20b21cd1a26a715. Major proposal will follow.

    Value for the DAO? Increase our home planet!

    Deliverable Q4? A community approved draft for the new .app and Discord environment. Hard to quantify, but Kidsune will help community members to initiate at least three improvement proposals (like recent proposals regarding profile improvements).

  5. Titan Token & Founding Titan NFT – improve tool

    Value accruement for the Titan Token and Founding Titan NFT. We will create more token use-cases and create opportunities to earn $ on behalf of the DAO.

    Info: a seperate appointment to discuss possibilities will be made.

    Benefit for the DAO? Value accumulation within the DAO and token holders.
    Deliverable Q4? Like the blockchain blueprint, this, too, will need time to be tested and to gradually grow. But let’s try to make it SMART with at least $10K flowing into the DAO.

  6. New NFTs

    Coordination of new upcoming NFT projects: dynamic NFTs and micro-certificate / badges NFTs.

    Info? Dynamic NFTs: https://snapshot.org/#/koios.eth/proposal/0x355b7202a7581d651aace15653a55d19e2a565929706909abbbb19862ba27bef
    Micro-certificates / badges: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Gc0caSJ3I1at3IfyIObO3hzHbpHdco9V/edit?usp=sharing&ouid=105839999037964751993&rtpof=true&sd=true).
    Value for the DAO? Tools to reward learning and to experiment with new dynamic games and reputation mechanisms.
    Deliverable? Two new integrated NFTs in the Koios platform.

  7. Grow KoiosDAO

    Kidsune will redistribute his earned tokens and possibly NFTs to contributing individuals. Think: active community members, token swap with partners, donations to non-crypto partners, reward students, teachers, student-assistents. The distribution is visible in the blockchain and Kidsune could elaborate in weekly meet-up.

    Info: Check Kidsune’s transactions here: https://polygonscan.com/address/0xf135A50e57618C1CDc31469BE419C1d624C74e07#tokentxns
    Value for the DAO? Create a well-balanced ecosystem of contributing members for years to come.

    Deliverable? Kidsune hodls max 50 Titan Tokens and max 2 Founding Titan NFTs.

  8. Grow partner Network

    Increase koios ecosystem via partner projects, a project required to support the blockchain blueprint, incorporate platform improvements, or to land internships, gigs, or jobs for excelling community members.

    Info: TBA, proposal.

    Value for the DAO? Incorporate new value generating partners into the Koios ecosystem.
    Deliverable? Wright the pitch deck and plan to be used by ecosystem members to connect with partners.

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