Rob Us Blind:The $KIM Heist

Now, some of you may read this title and ask yourself “why on earth would a DEX ask us to rob them”?!

No, this is not a white hat hacker request, this is simply the start of some of the most rewarding pools in Kim’s history.

The Origin of $KIM

25% of the entire supply of $KIM and $xKIM has, and always will be, reserved for liquidity rewards throughout the lifetime of the protocol (and beyond!).

And, since there is no time like the present, we’re supercharging our journey to becoming the most rewarding place to store liquidity in Web3 through partnerships, incentives, and $KIM/$xKIM liquidity rewards.

bUT thE suPPlY of $KIM iNfLAtES - the circulating supply will increase, yes, as expected, however Kim’s current deflationary mechanism, among planned future deflationary mechanisms, intends to keep this under control.


Over the next two weeks up until ~ the end of May, we’ll be dropping an astonishing 7m $KIM & $xKIM (I begged the team for 6.9m for, y’know, the memes but they said no) to the following liquidity pools as LP incentives.

The first week will shine a light (and drop 50% of those rewards) on:


  • Kim-ETH

  • Mode-ETH

  • xKim Plugin

AND, a portion of these rewards will be reserved for those who STAKE their  $xKIM through the plugin function. Find that guide here.

So, anon, it’s time to get your liquidity parked on Kim. You can do so here.

This is, of course, in addition to the standard rewards you will get on each of those pools - 5x Mode points for providing liquidity on all of them for the Mode Network Airdrop Round 2 and more - check each of them out.

This was always the plan, anon. As we moved from points to $KIM and $xKIM rewards, the KIM tokenomics were structured in a way to enable us to continue to strive toward our goal of becoming the most rewarding place in Web3 to store your liquidity.

Provide. Liquidity. Now.

No more Mr Nice Kim. Provide liquidity, anon. Or it’s over. (pls).

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