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Know Your Crook

Know Your Crook

Educating readers on how to identify and avoid crypto scams, phishing schemes, and other financial crimes.
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Free mints are very rarely free, often costing your time and attention, if not all the assets in your wallet.

Keeping Your Wallets Safe

Keeping your funds secure is an ongoing process that requires regular attention and action. But, most safety measures are simple to take.

Block Explorers Demystified! (part 1)

Block explorers like Etherscan and BSCscan contain a wealth of information about a wallet or smart contract, but can be overwhelming to navigate...

SCAM REVIEW: Validate Your Wallet

Supposed admin DMs asking if a question you posted was answered. Regardless of your answer, they will find some pretext to say you need to validate your wallet.

DYOR: An Evergrowing How-To Guide

This guide covers tools and techniques for researching the core team, project fundamentals, and communities surrounding crypto projects.


After replying to a popular Twitter account, you get a reply from someone impersonating them asking you to send a DM. Here's what happens next.

Security, or Security Theater?

Every security measure, like locked liquidity and contract audits, has its strengths and limitations, as well as workarounds that can be exploited by bad actors...

SCAM REVIEW: You’ve Won .38 BTC From Our New Exchange!

Did you receive a random DM from someone you don’t know, congratulating you on winning a giveaway you never entered, from a crypto exchange you’ve never heard of? Read on...

Understanding Ponzinomics

Just how safe or sustainable are these projects? Well, it depends...