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A beginner's thoughts on Web3

I’ve been active in the Web3/NFT space for a few months now. I was heavily skeptical in early 2021 on the idea of a decentralised system of computers. I struggled to see the use and understand how it all worked. It took a bit of research and un-learning a lot of what I thought I already knew about the internet. Eventually, I started realising that the hype around the decentralised web might actually be justified.

You Have Nothing to Lose

As I sit at my desk staring at a blank page, I try to tell myself that continuing to publish online will be beneficial for me in the long term. Do I see that now? Definitely not. So why do I keep going? Let me give you some perspective: I have finished university for the year and have no other commitments in my free time other than work and socialising, so what do I have to lose by giving up a few minutes each day to trying something new—time that would otherwise be spent scrolling Twitter or doing something unproductive. This is a small bet that I am placing on myself that has a large potential upside. And if nothing works out? My life goes on and I still carry with me the experience from trying.