The Kwenta V2 Website Design Competition
March 25th, 2022

With the launch of Futures, a brand new UI, a native token, and a plethora of under-the-hood upgrades, Kwenta has evolved beyond its early days. To mark Kwenta's transition to V2, the community is requesting a new website to better reflect the current state of Kwenta and the ambitious roadmap ahead. To create a new website, Kwenta will be launching a V2 website design competition.

The Task: Design a landing page for Kwenta

As part of Kwenta's new trading experience, the Kwenta website will receive a complete V2 upgrade. The submissions for this competition will be used for the live version of the website. Below you'll find the steps for the competition structure.

Step 1: Application

Designers will share their contact details, experience, and portfolios for consideration. The Core Contributors will assess the applications and determine which individuals will be selected to take on the design challenge. Those selected will be guaranteed compensation for their participation. The application window will be open from Friday, March 18th at 0:00 UTC until Friday, March 25th at 0:00 UTC. Fill out the application form here: Kwenta Design Challenge Application.

Step 2: Design Challenge Outline

Selected designers will receive a detailed text document outlining the goals we aim to achieve with the website, as well as a recommended outline of the website, which includes a structure, headers, copy, CTAs, and suggested visuals. Designers will ultimately have complete creative freedom. Designers will be given a two-week deadline; however, timelines are very flexible; we are happy to accommodate the designers' needs.

Step 3: Evaluation

Submissions from the selected designers will be evaluated based on how closely they achieve the goals outlined in the challenge document and their overall design capability. The winner will be decided by the current design lead at Kwenta. An applicant can be chosen as a winner, but their design may still be altered to meet the demands of the Kwenta community.

Step 4: Compensation & Winner

All selected applicants who complete the design challenge will receive a 400 SNX (approx $2000 USD) reward for their submission.

The individual with the top submission will be given an additional 400 SNX as well as the opportunity to continue working with Kwenta Core Contributors on future design tasks for compensation.

Note that the winner may be asked to make changes to their final submission to meet the goals of the Kwenta community before the design is used for the live website. The additional 400 SNX for receiving the top prize will be sent once these revisions, if any, are completed.

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