Kwenta Open Position: Fullstack Engineer

Kwenta Open Position: Fullstack Engineer

Kwenta is a decentralized exchange that offers users access to derivative markets through its proprietary smart margin engine. It operates independently as a protocol, aiming to provide a decentralized trading experience rivaling top centralized exchanges.

We remain committed to our mission of building tier-one financial tooling that’s accessible to all. As we continue to strive towards this objective, we invite the community to apply and participate in our efforts.

The role

This is a remote, full-time role for a Fullstack engineer. You will work directly with world-class DeFi developers and other core contributors to build the Kwenta interface, maintain keepers for various incentive programs, and provide occasional data pipeline and smart contract assistance.


  • Must have in-depth knowledge of a major programming language (Typescript, Python, Rust, etc..), GraphQL, and a library such as ethers.js or

  • Used both Synthetix and/or other DeFi products on mainnet and can demonstrate some understanding of how Synthetix works

  • Knowledge of the Ethereum blockchain

  • Must have in-depth knowledge of React, GraphQL, and a library such as ethers or web3

  • Experience with Next.js is preferred but not required

  • Operating in the Western Hemisphere hours (PT - ET) is preferred but not required

  • Solid, demonstrable work (on GitHub or otherwise)


  • Experience maintaining and writing keepers

  • Experience with a blockchain indexing service such as The Graph


  • Salary range: 100k-150k USD

  • Auto-Staked Kwenta token package

  • Generous vacation


Ready to apply? You can apply by filling out our typeform.

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