Perps V2 UI/UX Optimization - Umbilicus Rupestris Release

We are excited to announce the release of version 6.2! This release includes improvements to various features, and we recommend checking out the full details.

In this post, we are going to highlight some of the more prominent changes: 

  • Component refactor of futures page

  • Market drop-down refresh

  • P&L values are now "added" to the trade history/trade tab

  • Order entry updates

  • Confirm order modal improvement

  • Hidden Easter egg

  • Various other bugfixes and improvements

IPFS hash of the release deployment:
CIDv0: QmUzh2pe5F6fFhYz9YAzCQmFjFvx8LZhWKzdP7YT3bvHT2
CIDv1: bafybeidc4tiy3jkq4zm7wxalk2yvp6lkt7cmctduh7bj3eo44xqbeeylzu

Component refactor of futures page

The component refactor of the Futures page is now complete. Improving the performance of the page, making it faster and more responsive for users. In addition to enhancing the user experience, this refactor makes it easier for us to add future integrators and or additional products in the future.

Market drop-down refresh

We’ve updated our asset dropdown menu to enhance the user experience and efficiency. Users can now sort assets in the dropdown menu by various criteria, such as price, 24H change, or name. Additionally, users can now search for the asset they wish to trade by typing its name in the search bar, enabling traders to quickly and easily find the assets they want to trade without having to scroll through a long list of options.

New Market Drop-down
New Market Drop-down

P&L values added to the trade history/trade

We have added Profit and Loss (PNL) into the trade history table, providing traders greater visibility into their trading performance. Previously, our trade history table displayed all the essential trade details, such as the trade timestamp, asset traded, position size, entry price, and exit price, but it did not include the PNL generated from each trade. Traders can now see the PNL associated with each trade directly in the trade history table, making it easier to track their trading performance over time

Order entry updates

We made upgrades to the order entry panel based on valuable user feedback. We understand that it can be easy for traders to overlook whether they are going long or short in the current iteration of the panel. To address this issue, we have updated the long/short buttons to a tab system that makes it easier for traders to select the right direction for their trades. The new tab system clarifies which direction traders are taking their positions, thereby reducing the risk of mistakes and unintended consequences. We hope to enhance the user experience and make it easier for traders to execute their trades confidently and accurately.

New Order Entry Panel Design
New Order Entry Panel Design

Confirm order modal improvement

The new modal displays all the essential trade details in a clear and concise format, making it easy for traders to review and confirm their trades before execution. This change aligns with our current ongoing UI/UX to enhance the user experience and make trading more intuitive for all traders.

New Confirm Order Modal
New Confirm Order Modal

The perpetual futures exchange market is highly competitive, and traders require platforms that are reliable, efficient, and user-friendly. The updates and enhancements we discussed hopefully demonstrate our commitment to providing our users with a high-quality and reliable trading platform that meets their evolving needs. From the new asset dropdown menu to the component refactor of the Futures page and the addition of PNL in the trade history table, each update reflects our dedication to creating a better trading experience for our users.

This released is called Umbilicus rupestris, also known as Pennywort. It's leaves are edible raw or cooked. A very acceptable mild flavour in the winter and early spring, they can be used in quantity in salads at this time.

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