Kwenta Integrates Socket

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with Socket, a cutting-edge interoperability platform that seamlessly transfers assets and data across various blockchain networks. Kwenta is dedicated to enhancing the user experience and promoting the utilization of Layer 2 Optimism.

Our integration of Socket into Kwenta allows for effortless onboarding to Optimism from a diverse range of other chains, constituting a substantial improvement to our onboarding process. Additionally, this integration enables users to bridge sUSD to/from Optimism and supports the ability to bridge most assets.

To aid users in familiarizing themselves with the features of the bridge and initiating transfers we have provided a thorough guide.

How to be a bridgooooor

1) Begin your bridging journey - The bridge is directly accessible on the Futures page in the deposit modal. You can begin by clicking on the ‘Deposit Margin’ option in the order entry panel.

The deposit modal will open a pop-up display.
The deposit modal will open a pop-up display.

The “swap & bridge” modal will appear by default if no sUSD on Optimism is detected in the connected wallet; if sUSD is detected, the bridge will need to be opened via the drop-down.

2) Select from & to chain - From chain is the chain you’re sending tokens from & to chain is the chain you want to receive your tokens on. Once you’ve selected the from and to chains, select the tokens you want to bridge. Use the drop-down menu to pick from the available tokens & choose the desired amount you want to bridge!

Kwenta bridge also lets you bridge & zap from one token into any other token on the destination chain!

3)Select a route for bridging - Click on the settings icon on the top-right corner and choose the best route based on your desired preference!

  • High Return - Highest return on the destination chain

  • Fastest — Route with the least bridging time

5) Bridging - Once you have selected & input the token amounts, click on ‘Review Quote’ to validate your bridge transaction before proceeding. Once ready click on ‘Bridge’ to begin the bridging!

You can see a see status of the ongoing transaction by clicking the ‘Pending’ window.

Next, choose the ‘Bridge’ button, and you’re ready to trade!

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FAQ - Socket Provided

How does the bridge work?

Under the hood, it is powered by Socket's Liquidity Layer that brings an aggregated layer of various asset bridges and DEX aggregators under one roof!

What bridges are available to choose from on the UI?

All major bridges, including Hop, Multichain, Across, Celer, and Hyphen as well, as Optimism Native bridges. Choose the best-suited bridge for them, depending on your bridging needs.

Does the bridge support synthetic assets like sUSD, sETH, and sBTC?

The bridge covers sUSD bridging through optimism native & sBTC/sETH via swap-bridge-swap

How do Multichain swaps or swap-bridge-swaps work?

The Synthetix bridge supports swaps on all source and destination chains through 1inch. With swap-bridge-swap, users can go from any token on a source chain and land on their desired token on the destination chain while getting the best rates for both their swaps and bridging.

I received funds less than the quote; what should I do?

For bridging transactions with a destination swap mentioned above, the output amount might vary slightly due to price fluctuation during bridging. Since you perform the destination swap post-bridging via 1inch, you can be assured that you are getting the best prices at that time.

I see an error message during the bridging transaction

Sometimes you might get errors during multi-transaction bridging. The error indicates that the bridging is complete, but the swap on the destination failed due to insufficient liquidity. Please check your wallet in case of this error and complete the exchange on any DEX you choose.

In case of any other errors, please raise a support ticket for the issue or alternatively join Socket Discord & post your problem on the #support channel.

How do I see the steps involved in a bridging route?

By navigating to the 'See route details' on the Review Quote.

I couldn't do the destination swap since I didn't have gas; what do I do now?

You can Refuel to get gas. Resume your pending transaction from the pending transactions tab and finish bridging

I am facing an issue with my bridging transaction; what should I do?

Here are a few ways for you to get your problem resolved:

You can raise a support ticket for the issue you are facing, and we will get back ASAP! Hop into Kwenta Discord, post your issue on the #help-desk channel and tag the role @Socket, or join Socket Discord & post your issue on the #support channel.

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