devDAO Release & Changelog March 31st, 2022
March 31st, 2022

We're excited to share the latest round of devDAO updates for Kwenta! Kwenta devDAO contributors have and still are hard at work and pushed upgrades that include the implementation of atomic exchange functions and a dynamic shortable assets list, a new Kwenta Futures Beta hype site, an NFT contract for Aelin Raise Participants and many more completed bug fixes and improvements.

Since the last changelog report, a total of 1050 $SNX has been paid out to devDAO contributors, and 2140$SNX in total rewards for completing bounties for the KwentaDAO.

Please welcome @Trades3ok and @Leovct as our latest Community Bounty Hunters!

Available tickets

All available bounties have been assigned to a devDAO contributor, join our Discord to be notified of new bounties as soon as they go live.

In Progress

  • Disable input when margin = 0
  • Market refresh on price changes
  • Fix connected network state color
  • Improve unsupported network wallet
  • Improve WalletOptionsModal
  • Create Dune Analytics Dashboard
  • Add Futures Positions to Market Page
  • Upgrade to web3-onboard
  • Improve disconnected wallet state
  • Create tooltip component

Completed Bounties

  • Ticket #1 “Implement NFT Contract” - 350 SNX (@soup)
  • Ticket #7 “Update to new hype site” - 25 SXN (@leovct)

Changes Live on V1

  • Ticket #344: Wallet Connect does not show portfolio balance on L2 - 25 SNX (@leifu)
  • Ticket #352: Shorting E2E Test” - 25 SNX (@raffiegang)
  • Ticket #359: Dynamic shortable asset list - 150 SNX (@kethic)
  • Ticket #367: Implement Atomic Exchange Function - 300 SNX (@soup)
  • Ticket #512: Show Futures Banner on all pages - 25 SNX (@leovct)
  • Ticket #478: Exchange: Correct wording for fees - 25 SNX (@trades3ok)
  • Ticket #392: ETH wallet balance not recognized on l2 - 25 SNX (@burtrico)

devDAO changes already live on Kwenta Futures Beta

  • Ticket #435: Add Max Leverage to MarketDetails” - 25 SNX (@Brian Rosetti)
  • Ticket #498: Manual refresh on tx confirmation” - 25 SNX (@leifu)
  • Ticket #483: Deposit/Withdraw Margin Modal Improvements” - 25 SNX  (@Brian Rosetti)

devDAO changes for the upcoming Kwenta Futures Beta Release

  • Ticket #489 OrderSizing: Reset input value” - 25 SNX (@burtrico)

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