Futures Beta Update - Tooltips

Time flies when you’re having fun building! It seems like just yesterday we were launching synthetic Futures, but today is our 12th beta release! The 12th v2 Kwenta deployment introduces a few bugfixes, and upgrades under the hood both big and small. Taken together, these changes are a significant step forward for the UI.

Here are the latest changes since our last update:

  • Synth Balances on Dashboard #754
  • Synthetix Menkent release bug fix #851
  • Refactor/upgrade nextjs from v10 to v12 #801
  • Synth Exchange Input fix #842
  • CSS fixes #839
  • Add tooltips to markets #844

Add Tooltips to the UI

The Kwenta UI has a wealth of useful information and features. Have you ever wanted more detail about a particular data point? Simply point your cursor to read our handy new tooltips. These new tooltips are available on the Markets page, and on your open positions.

New Tooltip Components on the Market Details
New Tooltip Components on the Market Details
Tooltips in the Open Positions Modal
Tooltips in the Open Positions Modal

Synth Balances on Dashboard

Looking for the perfect feature to complement the revamped synth exchange? With this release, Kwenta devDAO devs have integrated synth balances into the v2 dashboard. Traders now have more control by letting them view their entire portfolio of synths and futures all in one place without switching to v1. This feature takes us one step closer to deprecating our v1 app, and moving v2 out of beta.

New Synth Balances on V2
New Synth Balances on V2


A bug in the synth exchange input fields made it impossible for traders to set a fixed destination amount. The input fields now should work smoothly and as intended. Besides that, the devDAO implemented a big upgrade under the hood and refactored the codebase to be compatible with nextjs v12, which brings to the Kwenta codebase a lot of new features and significant speed and security improvements.

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