Kwenta Community Call #3
July 1st, 2022

Join the Kwenta community for our H2 update. This call will include news on the $KWENTA token launch, the mobile UI, the new Synthswap feature, our progress on cross-margin & limit orders and more on July 7th at 4 PM (20:00) UTC in the Kwenta Discord.

We'll be holding this event on our Discord, RSVP at here.

Alpha on the Agenda and Speakers include:

  • Welcome
  • Elite Council update
  • Greet & Intro new CCs - Leifu/Jared/Adam/Troy
  • marketingDAO v2 Intro/update - Burt
  • devDAO update - Ralf
  • Kwenta Product Elites v2 & coms update - Marko
  • Roadmap v2 & token launch update - Andrew
  • Cross margin & limit orders - Jared/Jeremy
  • Synthswap - Adam
  • Data management/Frontend updates - Korde/Leifu/Troy
  • Kwenta V2 design progress & mobile - Yashar

We know the Kwenta community likes alpha and POAPs so this time we have both! There will be time at the end of the call for questions and comments from the community. See you then!

AMA Questions

If you have questions that you'd like the Core Contributors to address in the AMA, please submit them here:

Note that while we will do our best to answer all questions, some questions may go unanswered due to time constraints.

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