Kwenta Council Election

Council elections are live! Token holders may now vote with their $KWENTA tokens for an Elite Council representative. Each wallet may vote for one candidate, with voting power proportional to their total staked $KWENTA holdings, both liquid and escrowed. The top 5 candidates will become part of this epochs Council.

Voting will be open on snapshot for a period of 1 week between the following dates:

  • May 23rd, 2023 @ 00:00 UTC - May 30th, 2023 @ 11:59 PM UTC

Thank you for participating, and good luck to the candidates.

The following are the unedited council pitch messages from Discord, published here for the convenience of token holders who may not primarily use Discord.


About me: I am a product manager in web3, with experience in building and managing several teams & projects. I have been in Crypto since 2015 and became a DeFi Maximalist since the 2018. I am a technical person and this comes from my specilistic studies in blockchain and EVM / Smart Contract technology [first self-taught, then with studies in China (DUT) but still always looking for innovations and novelties in the industry]

Currently I'm in the Kwenta Grant Council, in The Agency in Kwenta and founder of Kwenta_ita. But you will still have seen me as a Country Lead for Synthetix and founder of Synthetix Italia.

I like to hack building useful applications and bring added value to the industry, however I try to help the ecosystem.

I am a Tennis Player , I live in Italy on the Sea .

My goals as a councilor:
• As someone with a background in project management, I would like to offer my assistance with both technical and non-technical Improvement Proposals. This will ensure proper due diligence for the community, regardless of its nature. It's important to note that DAOs should not eliminate middlemen or middle management, as they play a crucial role in delivering products and driving improvement. By working alongside them, DAOs can better coordinate their efforts and achieve their goals more effectively.

• To achieve growth, we should focus on upcoming incentive programs. The aim is to optimise the incentive. Therefore, it's essential to measure the effectiveness of our incentive programs to ensure that they promote growth or create a wider token distribution.

• In order to attract the external community, it's important to consider innovative solutions for a referral code campaign. This can help incentivize new users to use the Kwenta Protocol, generate volume/fees, and retain them by involving them in participating in the Kwenta DAO.
During my career as a GC, I have already had the opportunity to work and share my ideas about it. I would like to see them implemented as soon as possible.
Additionally, it may be useful to explore other ways of promoting the platform, such as social media outreach or targeted advertising campaigns. Ultimately, the goal should be to create a sustainable and engaged community that is actively involved in the governance and growth of the Kwenta DAO.

• The aim should be also to enhance the user experience to be on par with centralized exchanges and outperform decentralized competition.Currently, we have already taken huge steps forward, but with the competition that is emerging, we must push Kwenta to become the best Perpetual DEX ever.

• Lastly but not least, in order to improve community governance participation and decentralize support governance, Kwenta DAO needs to expand and encourage active involvement from the entire community. The Elite Council's objective should be to filter, review, and prioritize community proposals, ideas, and desires, as the DAO belongs to the "token holders".

Jonathan Archer

Here running for Kwenta's Council of The Elite. My ETH address is 0xc22fF8a87354580330bF5287E38D9c47fD9e9910.

Here is my pitch: Kwenta needs to toughen up. Too much talk about cucking itself for the fucking americans. I'll vote against any effort to bend over. This shit is decentralized and it means we can do whatever the fuck we want. Don't like it? Don't use it. Maybe put an IQ test up. People can pass that then they can trade here. Full stop. Mouth breathing retards need not apply. If you want an OG who will follow the old ways then vote for ya boi J. Archer. P.S. I'm not a Burt alt so stop asking.


Intro: Kwenta devDAO PM, CC and Epoch 1 Council Member

Address: platschi.eth

Pitch: Current Kwenta devDAO PM, Kwenta OG & Council Member. Been contributing for the past 1.5yrs to Kwenta in varying roles, helping to improve the protocol step by step on its path towards success. For the past council term, the focus was to move forward Kwenta's decentralization efforts, ensure that the promise of low fees with perps v2 on Kwenta is brought into fruition. We have all noticed the success of Perps v2 and Kwenta being the go-to frontend for it. In the upcoming epoch, we need to make sure Kwenta deepens its DAO improvement efforts, successfully launch Staking V2, but also steers towards more diverse product offerings and less reliance on solely Perpsv2, starting with TWAP (if KIP approved) as a first foray into more innovation - while also looking for new ideas and opportunities - and new product offerings at Kwenta.

Andotlas | Kwenta ⇌

Nomination: 0xe9b2f8E82D2B6c892b2Cc48a3acc478a4D0C2535

Intro: Synthetix OG, Kwenta DAO Architect, and management contributor.

Pitch: I'll be focused on fortifying our relationship with Synthetix and making progress towards controlling the liquidity behind actively demanded markets. I'm eager to continue to focus on innovation, a path towards value accrual, and pioneering a genuine DAO. Kwenta's on a warpath to becoming the defacto decentralized substitute to top CEXs and with more pressure on the DAO to improve, we can achieve that.


JVK.eth | 0x8be60fe9F7C8d940D8DA9d5dDD0D8E0c15A4288B

Current Background: Kwenta Elite Council; Synthetix Grants Council Previous Background: Synthetix Spartan Council; Kwenta Interim Council

Pitch: Crypto is maturing and Kwenta must mature along with it. Best in class defi products also need attention to compliance and regulatory issues, etc. I hope to continue to add my unique business law plus defi degen background and perspective to the council on behalf of the community. Total Leaderboard volume and P&L as of nomination from public address: $1,012,201.41 and ($551.62).


Hello I am interested in joining the Elite Council. You may know me from other Discords such as the Synthetix Discord. I am a seasoned DeFi user (top 50 bottom leaderboard on Kwenta on my personal wallet) and have experience in the crypto space. First as a Pickle Finance Discord mod and later doing a brief stint at an NFT marketplace as a developer. I believe I can help Kwenta make the right decisions until we are rightfully back. Thank you for your consideration


SomeTraderGuy (50x)

Nomination: transactooor.eth | 0xF3E16a28b09bE3836e66f091613c230128141Fc1 Intro: 2017 Crypto and DeFi OG. Tradooor, Fundraisooor and Marketooor.

Pitch: As a seasoned crypto vet and active trader who has been using dexes since the etherdelta days to cexes like bittrex and early binance to the latest perp dexes like gmx. vertex and Kwenta i believe i can add value in terms of what traders are looking for in their trading experience. I also believe my inputs are what will contribute towards taking kwenta to the next level and not be “just another” perp dex. In fact, I’ve helped write a KIP or two suggesting improvements to the protocol and one has been implemented as well. As a marketer, I’ve worked as part of Huboi’s Global Writer Team back in 2018 to help spread information about Huboi’s new offerings. Also helped a few early NFT projects like NodeRunners and DropsDAO in early 2019 and 2020. As an NFT connoisseur, I believe an element of fun can be added to the existing offering and would love to share my ideas about the same. And as a DeFi OG and SNX aficionado I’ve a vested interest in seeing the ecosystem thrive. Close to 15m volume across my accounts on Kwenta.



  • Matt | 0xA110d783a5b6B0B2A2C867094364E8f9752D5B93


  • In Crypto since 2016.

  • Not a technical person, Kwenta Intern, Product Marketing Lead at Via Protocol, ex-CryptoRank/.

  • Received grants worth more than 1.2 million from Polygon, Gnosis Safe, Solana, Optimism, Gearbox, Gitcoin (4 rounds), DoraHacks, and Zerion.

  • Want to become a country/region lead for Kwenta and Synthetix.

Pitch: As a young veteran and active trader who traded on all possible platforms starting from Poloniex/Bittrex till all available perps that we have rn. I believe I can bring some value to Kwenta with my experience and pieces of knowledge from all my jobs. To support maturing of Kwenta, I will work on growth using the following:

  • Proper incentives for users. Even right now, all incentives are not optimized and can be dominated by big bag holders, or they are just being stolen by wash traders.

  • More partnerships to ensure good relationships with everyone (even polynomial)

  • I will help our number one expert on cryptocurrencies and sex with all my might on Twitter and other social networks. By talking/making threads about Kwenta and why it is better than any CEX or any perp.

  • Grants for community marketing and affiliate programs.

  • All possible free/paid marketing tools will be used to raise the growth of Kwenta in terms of the number of whales and volume growth (Kwencats NFTs will be deployed after my nomination)

  • As I already told councils in the Grant chat, I would like to spread Kwenta word as a representative in the CIS region because most of the users from this region don't know about Kwenta or used/saw it only once during Optimism Quest.

As a marketing man, I've worked in many different places. Like marketing agencies as a web2 marketer and as a web3 marketer, I was part of the growth at the largest mining center, which has > 3% of the total hashrate of the Bitcoin network. Lastly, to summarize everything, it would be better to join Kwenta as a Marketing DAO member to help our sex ambassador with all marketing and community stuff. But I will try to join Kwenta as a Council! Love to see current growth, but I want to help and join this strong team.


 electric.L2 | electricbabe.eth (0xB7BaBe35CE543e2Cf2F615CB1c792a2025feb572)

Crypto/DeFi OG
Webdev Veteran
Thales Council Member
Dune Analyzoor (


Kwenta as top perp DEX
#kwencats channel back
$KWENTA to 2192


Nomination: Milkywave ENS: Cocomilk.eth intro:

  • Thales Council member

  • Lead 300 (SNX) & Olmypians (Thales) - community marketing groups

  • Defi OG

  • Wrote my first KIP (KIP-75) last month

Pitch: Gm, gud coin. The next epoch will probably be the most challenging for Kwenta since launch imo. Competition will be fierce and we must try to maintain our lead and push marketing fuether. I'm also concerned about speeding up KIPs and building user confidence with more accurate implementation estimates. I personally will contribute wherever needed, be it tokenomics discussions, technical or simply "just" UI components.

Kevin * | NGMI Capital (Oxb8cF517f5475C0f409edA100c74C0e91221332B)

Intro: Current Elite Council, current Synthetix Ambassador Council, Kwenta Admiral and Kwenta_ Thai admin (and SNX Ecosystem local Twitter accounts)

Pitch: 1 became a member of the Kwenta Discord community in October 2021, right in the midst of the exhilarating testnet competition. Since then, I have actively engaged in various activities within the community. My time has been primarily dedicated to # M • 23k-waiting-room, providing support for community marketing initiatives, and assisting in the management of our vibrant Discord server.

From the very beginning, I have fostered a strong belief in the immense potential of Kwenta. I firmly believe that we possess the capability to become the most influential decentralized exchange (DEX) in the entire industry. In fact, our larger objective is to challenge and surpass the centralized exchanges that have, unfortunately, exerted a detrimental influence on our industry. We all know that centralization has its drawbacks and has somewhat tarnished the essence of this space. Thus, I am committed to the goals of protocol growth (soon we will be multi-chain Perps Protocol!), improving the user experience to attract new traders, and fortifying Kwenta and KwentaDAO.

Above all, I am cognizant of the collective desire for decentralization within the crypto community, and I am confident that Kwenta is determined to tread the path towards maximum decentralization. Together, we will strive to create a future where Kwenta stands as a beacon of decentralization in the industry.

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