Bridge Rewards on Kwenta

We are thrilled to announce that our partners over at Socket, a cutting-edge interoperability platform that seamlessly transfers assets and data across various networks, have teamed up with Kwenta to issue $OP rewards for users that bridge assets to the Optimism network through the Kwenta integration.

Bridging to Optimism on Kwenta will now practically cost ZERO! 💸

Our integration of Socket on Kwenta allows for effortless onboarding to Optimism from various chains, substantially improving our onboarding process. This integration enables users to bridge sUSD to Optimism and supports the ability to bridge most assets.

How do I earn OP Rewards with Socket?

Bridging Tokens to Optimism on Kwenta

All bridges to Optimism from Ethereum Mainnet, Polygon, Arbitrum & BSC.. will earn rewards in OP tokens.

🫠 Math, who needs it? But it means bridging $10,000 USDC earns you $13 worth of $OP tokens!

How is the OP calculation Calculated?

The OP rebate for users is simple:

Rebate amount = 90% of bridge fees + source gas fees in USD (based on the price of OP on that day)

Where Bridge fees = Source amount(in USD) - Destination Amount(in USD)

How do I claim rewards?

All rewards earned by users are accumulated and available to be claimed on a monthly basis. We’ll share a page where users can come in, connect their wallets & claim their rewards every month.

Rewards can be tracked via the socket dashboard:

Reward estimates will display within the briding interface during the bridging process.

How to be a bridgooooor!

1) Begin your bridging journey - The bridge is directly accessible on the Futures page in the deposit modal or the ‘Get sUSD’ option if no sUSD is found in your wallet.

Note: The deposit modal can be accessed with the pencil icon on the left side of the trading page, right above the order entry panel.

2) Select from & to chain - From chain is the chain you’re sending tokens from & to chain is the chain where you’d like to receive your tokens. Select the tokens you want to bridge once you’ve selected the from and to chains. Use the drop-down menu to pick from the available tokens & choose the desired amount you want to bridge!

Kwenta bridge also lets you bridge & zap from one token into any other token on the destination chain!

3)Select a route for bridging - Click on the settings icon in the top-right corner and choose the best route based on your desired preference!

  • High Return - Highest return on the destination chain

  • Fastest — Route with the least bridging time

4) Bridging - Once you have selected & input the token amounts, click on ‘Review Quote’ to validate your bridge transaction before proceeding. Once ready, click on ‘Bridge’ to begin the bridging!

You can see a see status of the ongoing transaction by clicking the ‘Pending’ window.

Next, choose the ‘Bridge’ button, and you’re ready to trade!

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