May 6th, 2022

I’ve always prided myself on my ability to add more value than I take from the web3 community. in practice this looked like doing work for free, not releasing or commercializing too much of my own work, and generally helping people because I wanted to.

but it quickly devolved into a sense of martyrdom. to believe that my values were uncorrupted by profit. that my friendships were pure and my perspective untainted.

to believe that I was somehow less biased.

it’s true, I haven’t put out a pfp collection and rugged my friends. I haven’t pumped my bags or used my followers for exit liquidity. In fact, quite the opposite. aside from selling art, I spent my first year in this ecosystem without making $1 off web3 - not from consulting, advisory positions, etc. I had several great jobs outside the ecosystem, and wanted to protect myself from the trap of chasing returns (I’m also an objectively terrible trader)

February 1st, 2022

my 2021 reflection, better late than never. and better done than perfect. deal with it.

tldr: this is the tale of two 2021s

the best part about 2021 was watching the success stories. there’s nothing more fun than watching the underdog succeed - watching a new artist sell their first piece, watching a flipper do the seemingly impossible, watching others go from paying off debt to buying their parents homes.

but that’s only ever part of the story. one small part of one person’s long story.

December 28th, 2021

trust me, I’m more disappointed than you that it’s listed for .17 and not .169

this year has been one for the history books for more reasons than I can count. least of which has been the transition from what I would’ve previously described as my dream career working in big tech, to making a living off of art.

so, for the first time - I’d like to expand my collector base, inviting more frens into my on-chain family.

November 26th, 2021

This document is meant to humanize some of the seemingly complex, sometimes downright intimidating concepts that have become buzzwords around the world in 2021, and help you realize that maybe you do get the bigger picture of web3 after all.

(If you need a quick refresher on terms like NFTs, web3, crypto, blockchain - check the bottom of this document)

There are a LOT of really incredible resources from people 10x smarter than me online, but my goal is not to get you to invest in crypto, or even spend a single dollar.

Most who know me know that my love of web3 (blockchain-enabled-internet) is palpable. Infectious even at times. And up until now, I’ve spent the majority of my time helping others dip their toes into the magical world of crypto through 1-1 conversations. And, I love them. But I’m working on scaling some of the learnings I may have taken for granted and begin to aggregate, share, and get feedback from a wider audience. In fact, I am testing a thesis that we’ve been onboarding wrong. I believe that non-crypto natives can bring an enormous amount of value to the future of this technology if they are given a chance to meaningfully engage, learn, and contribute.

November 18th, 2021

It has been 144 days since my last day at Facebook (sorry, Meta 😉), but where I’ve been, it feels like I’m coming back up for air after years away. I have become completely obsessed with the emerging trends of web3 and how NFTs/crypto will continue to disrupt the systems around us. so much so that I’ve taken the leap to dedicate my full time and energy to educating, building, and shaping the ecosystem. more to come on this ;)

TLDR on what I've been up to:

  • Started a new job at Reddit 141 days ago 🥳
  • Completely fell down the web3 rabbit hole 🐇 🕳
  • Used Twitter for the first time in 10 years 🐦
  • Spent an embarrassing amount of money on jpegs 💰
  • Sold my first NFT artwork 🖼
  • Made lifelong friends with people whose real names I do not know 🫂
  • Created the @womeninnfts Twitter to support increased diversity in the web3 ecosystem 👧
  • Interviewed a few of my personal heroes in the NFT space (links below) 🎙
  • Minted my resignation letter from Reddit on my own custom smart contract 🥂
  • Saw my artwork displayed in digital galleries and Times Square 🌆
  • Spoke at Miami Crypto World (my first conference!) about the digital in-between 🔊
  • Helped numerous friends find their way into web3 full-time 🤗
  • And more I can’t discuss (yet)…. 🤫

I have been especially bad at keeping up with all of the various communication channels over the last few months, and am going to begin writing more frequently to better distill all of the trends, implications and notable updates coming out of web3.