Web3 Social is Blooming — Lens Launches to Polygon Mainnet 🌿

Lens Protocol is live on Polygon mainnet. Profile NFT minting begins!


The Lens Protocol is in full bloom 🌿 Today, we at the Aave Companies – the genesis team behind the Aave Protocol and Lens Protocol – are excited to announce that Lens Protocol is officially live on Polygon mainnet 🥳 Welcome to the future of decentralized social media, where you own your profile, your content, and your network.

Read along to learn why Lens is the social graph that puts users and creators first, how you can claim the last social handle you’ll ever need, and how to get started in the Lens ecosystem. Let’s grow together!

🧃 A Lens Refresher

What is Lens Protocol? We’re glad you asked.

Lens Protocol is a composable and decentralized social graph that makes building a social media platform easy, so you can focus on making a great experience for your user base, not scaling them. Leveraging NFT technology, the connections and interactions between people on social applications powered by Lens allow users to fully own their data, unlocking new ways for creators (like you!) to monetize their digital content, and for everyone to own their relationships with their friends and followers.

Let’s dig into the roots of Lens:

  • Key functions:
    • Mint a profile
    • Follow others
    • Create publications (post content from videos to long-form text)
    • Collect publications and curate your collection
    • Lens API – to help you build quickly, with ease. Read more about our custom API here or dive right into the docs!

“Ownership over not only the content you create online but also your profile and social network is long overdue. Empowering users is what Lens aims to achieve.”

Stani Kulechov, Founder of Aave

An open social graph will allow creators to be truly multi-platform and go direct-to-community. With Lens, each user’s followers, community, and content are linked to their NFT profile and can be ported into any new app powered by Lens Protocol.

Claim Your Profile NFT

The last social media handle you’ll ever have to create 🌿 To check your eligibility, visit https://claim.lens.xyz and connect your wallet, then follow our simple 3-step system:

  • Visit https://claim.lens.xyz and choose your handle
  • Next choose your PFP 🖼
  • Finally, finish customizing your profile where you can enter your name & bio 💬
  • Follow away! Next, build the social graph by following frens on Lens.

And that’s it! Your Profile NFT will now be planted, and growing with every follow, in your wallet. Bloomin’ exciting, right? 🤩🌿 Now that you have a freshly minted profile, explore other profiles and start following frens at https://LensFrens.xyz!

At launch, 18 May, 2022, if you tweeted your signature to the Lens Open Letter prior to 5/5 @ 5:55:55 UTC, you qualify to claim your Lens handle. In addition to frens who signed the letter, Lens community buildoooors will also be able to claim a handle! Addresses belonging to all project members that have built on Lens as part of the recent LFGrow, DAOHacks, and ETHAmsterdam hackathons will be eligible at launch, as well as Top 250 Gitcoin grantees from rounds 9 through 12. Thank you for building on Lens! See you there!

👷Enter the Developer Garden

The evolution of Lens Protocol has been an exciting adventure! Ever since the first launch on testnet, the community has been pivotal to the growth of the protocol. From all-new features, tools, and apps, buildooors have been hard at work. Let’s take a look at what makes building on Lens special 🤝

“Lens is uniquely designed to put power back into the hands of the community and Polygon aligns with its goal of enabling secure content ownership. Polygon is committed to bringing millions of users to Web3 through a range of scaling solutions, and we are excited to empower the creator community together with Aave.” – Sandeep Nailwal, co-founder of Polygon

Launched on Polygon

Launched on Polygon's eco-friendly blockchain, it allows each publication on Lens Protocol to have a low carbon footprint while being on a low-cost, secure blockchain.

One network across all apps

With no need to growth hack a social network for your Lens-powered social media platform, you can focus on building a great experience instead of scaling your users.

What will you build?

Lens offers a unique foundation for the next-gen of social media platforms and tools. At launch, there are already 50+ applications built on Lens, spanning social apps to creator monetization tools!

Music platforms, creator tools, monetization systems, and even gaming, there are so many great ideas ripe for the picking to build! To spur the imagination, we’ve created an ideas hub where you can explore these themes and more. Head over to https://ideas.lens.xyz and get inspired!

Lens Grants Program

The Lens grants program is ready to help you LFGrow 🌿

Have a great idea? To help cultivate the garden, we're offering a grants program to accelerate the growth of the Lens Protocol ecosystem. Submit your application here 👉 https://tinyurl.com/lensgrant

Creators 💚 Lens

Lens Protocol enables creators to take ownership of their content and their followers. More and more, we’re seeing Web2 social media and creator platforms charging or taking a fee for using their platform to earn a living. It’s your content, and you should be in charge of who gets to remix it, how to monetize it, and more. Lens understands and addresses this basic need and that’s why creators love Lens.

“An open social graph will allow creators and brands to fully own content distribution and their audiences in a truly multi-platform way. Lens empowers platform choice and opens up wider audiences through direct creator/brand-community relationships.” – G.Money, NFT filmmaker and creator.

Lens provides a user and creator first foundation for any application to plug into and gives people full ownership over their profile, content (inc. how to monetize), and relationships with their community.

Learn more about what Lens can do at https://lens.xyz/garden

🧑‍💻Take Your Profile NFT for a Spin

Thanks to some very exciting ETHGlobal hackathons like LFGrow and ETHAmsterdam, the grants program and the community of Lens, the ecosystem is already ✨ thriving ✨with creative apps and tools powered by Lens.

“Building a Web3 social media platform on Lens Protocol has opened up a new realm of possibilities for our development team and users. With a user-first foundational architecture, Lens fundamentally changes the landscape of social media platforms and user experiences as we know them today.”

@yoginth.eth, Founder of https://lenster.xyz.

Take that newly minted Profile NFT for a joy ride! At launch, there are already 50+ Lens-powered apps under development. Explore some great experiences at https://lens.xyz/#apps

What’s next for Lens Protocol💪🌿

It’s Bean such a busy time for the team, but with hard work comes the most exciting products and this is only the beginning. Future announcements are coming your way soon 👀

Have feedback? Your voice matters! Come chat to the team https://discord.gg/lensprotocol

Visit https://lens.xyz or follow Lens at https://lensfrens.xyz/lensprotocol or on Web2 social (while we’re still there) @lensprotocol

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