May 17th, 2022

Lens Protocol is live on Polygon mainnet. Profile NFT minting begins!


The Lens Protocol is in full bloom 🌿 Today, we at the Aave Companies – the genesis team behind the Aave Protocol and Lens Protocol – are excited to announce that Lens Protocol is officially live on Polygon mainnet 🥳 Welcome to the future of decentralized social media, where you own your profile, your content, and your network.

Read along to learn why Lens is the social graph that puts users and creators first, how you can claim the last social handle you’ll ever need, and how to get started in the Lens ecosystem. Let’s grow together!

February 7th, 2022

From the dev team that brought you the Aave Protocol

“Our digital identities have become inseparable from how we define ourselves.” This is how mysterious Open Letter began, going viral populating feeds across Crypto Twitter. To date, over 10,000 people have signed the letter supporting the vision and need for Web3 native social media ✍️

Many in the community guessed this Open Letter was the precursor to the long-awaited Web3 social graph project that CEO & Founder of the Aave Companies, Stani Kulechov, teased back at LisCon in 2021...

March 9th, 2022

Beta API live on testnet

The Lens Protocol leverages the power of Web3 to facilitate building more fair, transparent, and composable social applications. But building and integrating with Web3 technologies often requires a deep knowledge of smart contract development, which introduces friction for those with little Web3 development experience or for those who just want to start building. That’s why Lens Protocol will have its own API, making it easy to engage in complex development! The Lens API will leave the heavy lifting to the backend so developers can focus exclusively on crafting innovative experiences for the end-user.

The Lens API will empower you, the builder, to wield the full power that the protocol offers, bundled in an easy-to-understand GraphQL API. Read the full documentation here.

June 24th, 2022

It’s been an incredible few weeks in the garden since the launch of Lens on mainnet. With the devs leveraging Lens’ composability and open-source code, we’ve seen so many great apps and experiences being built across the ecosystem with users flowing between both, taking their graph and content with them all over. Let’s see what the community buildoors have been working on👇🌿

Lenster 🌸

First up in the spotlight is Lenster, a build by @yoginth.lens. Lenster is well known in the community as Lens’ first Web3 social experience that acts as the most full-featured way to use Lens Protocol to interact with your social graph. Leveraging many of the exciting features built on Lens, Lenster allows your frens to not only follow you and mirror your content but also to collect it per the module you choose to have them collect by.

With additional super features available such as superfollow and monetization of your posts and memes, Lenster provides users with a Web3 native social experience in line with what they're used to in Web2. On Lens, your content and your data are both yours. It is up to you to choose what you do with it and if other people can own it.