The Next Chapter of Lens

Istanbul — November 13, 2023 —  Aave Companies, a leading force in web3 technologies serving developers, creatives and users, announced today at Devconnect the mainnet launch of Lens Protocol V2. All applications and Lens V1 Profiles have been seamlessly migrated to V2, including 11,000,000 social connections and over 34,000,000 social interactions.

The Lens V2 launch on Polygon Mainnet brings web3-native social primitives that function independently, empowering builders to choose from these to create social experiences or integrate web3-powered experiences into existing apps of any kind.

“Lens V2 is the next chapter in the evolution of Lens,” said Stani Kulechov, Founder and CEO of Lens Protocol. “The goal of V1 was to bootstrap early web3 social networks, resulting in creativity, experimentation and new discovery tools that benefited the Lens ecosystem. With V2, we are moving progressively towards a more modular Lens design, providing social primitives giving builders greater autonomy and flexibility to integrate web3 social, propelling the next wave of innovation.”

Initially unveiled in July 2023, V2 introduces enhanced composability, upgrades and enhancements that enable developers to build new social experiences and monetization faster. V2 offers a core set of independent primitives that developers can choose from and integrate into any application or website. These new primitives include the basic building blocks of web3 social – from profiles to handles to management tools to novel actions that can be performed on posts.

These Lens primitives are now available on V2:

  • Handles – Profiles and handles are treated separately, enabling users to transfer handles without transferring profiles.

  • Profile Manager  – One of our most requested features, users can now delegate their Profile’s social actions to a different wallet. This allows Profiles to be managed by one or more persons, multisigs, and DAOs. Profile Manager also enhances user security as it allows users to store their handle on a cold wallet while using their day-to-day wallet to use Lens.

  • Smart Posts (Open Actions) - Developers can build an array of Smart Posts that support new ways to embed posts on Lens, such as:

    • Smart ads - rent your publication space for revenue opportunities

    • Pay to read the rest - show a post preview and set payment options to enjoy the full post.

    • Smart Posts support a wide range of activities from native embed actions such as Tipping, Voting, Verifying, Subscribing, and Donating.

    • Web2 to Web3 bridging solutions, example from Chainlink Functions (

    • Cross-chain functionality such as minting a music NFT on Ethereum, bridging to Solana via Uniswap or depositing funds to the Aave Liquidity Pools.

The launch of Lens V2 (still in beta) empowers builders to participate in an open, decentralized and collaborative ecosystem. By offering a broader range of functions for developers, creatives and users, V2 expands Lens Protocol beyond the notion of a 'shared social network' to a utility that empowers the future of decentralized social.

Start building with Lens V2 today.

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