#10 Monthly Newsletter, March - Happy Anniversary!

Congrats Ethlizards for turning 1 year old! Here’s a recap of what’s happened in February and some exciting hints as to what comes next. March will be a busy month!

February Updates

Birthday Recap

We had a fun celebration for the first birthday to the Ethlizards DAO. Discord was blowing up and we had an awesome Gamified Twitter Space show with a special guest, one of the biggest Ethlizards supporters Kieran Warwick. We hosted a Twitter competition for a free V2 Ethlizards NFT and announced the winner live on the show. Congrats to DAO member Fuilp who won this beauty!

1 year ago:

  • Ethlizards V2 collection of 5050 NFTs had a successful mint.

    • White list minted out and public mint sold out in less than 3 minutes!
  • Ethlizards DAO was born and V2 NFTs serve as a governance token. (Genesis V1 were added as governance token later).

    • The first on chain vote occurred a week later

During the Twitter Spaces we dropped hints as to what is coming next for the Ethlizards - more funding to expand the team and DAO operations. We haven’t disclosed the specifics of this yet, as this will be presented soon via a comprehensive LIP for community review.

Social Media


We brought in a new social media team at the beginning of February and we are very pleased with the output. Our posts this month are coming more frequent and higher quality, our numbers are up in every meaningful category. Additionally, we gained a new weekly Twitter Space show - Gamified. Our show offerings continue to expand so we have provided a brief breakdown below:

Gamified co-hosted by Ethlizards x WolvesDAO
Our newest weekly Twitter Space show run in collaboration with WolvesDAO. We bring on a panel of knowledgeable guests to tackle hot topics and discussions with a variety of opinions. We dissect the topics in a gameshow format with games such as Versus or F*ck, Marry, Kill with the latter being the most popular to date! The first three episodes of Gamified aired in Feb.

Reptile Roundtable
Our Community Twitter Spaces which happens every Friday. Everyone from the community is invited to join to discuss what's new with Ethlizards and look at the overall Web3 Gaming & NFT market. Originally airing last month in January, three more episodes aired in February.'

Gaming on the Block
Gaming on the Block is a bi-weekly YouTube show about recent news in NFT’s and Web 3 Gaming. This ranges between a variety of topics to cover the entire crypto space and discuss the future of digital technology, NFT’s and blockchain.

Development Updates

Staking Updates

We are currently mid-audit with both our audits. One bug has been reported and fixed promptly and we are awaiting a report from the auditors in early March. All designs have been finalized and we are currently working on the website interfaces for staking. We are still on deadline for a March launch and will be deploying a beta version to testnet with different variables for users to play around and bug-test around March 20th. The contracts can be viewed below at the following link:

We’ll continue to keep the community updated as this is one of our major focus for this month.

Collection Contract Redeployment

We announced a contract redeployment on February for the Ethlizards Genesis V1 and V2 collections, however, due to the recent Blur airdrop and increased sales and activity, we decided to postpone this, as a redeployment would likely lead to a lot of confused people. We’ve decided to initiate the redeployment instead, on March 11th, 7PM AEDT time (tentative date/time), with some minor changes such as pushing a metadata update before we redeploy and airdrop holders their new NFTs. We’ll post an announcement this week with further information regarding this and confirming the final details.

March and Beyond

Credit to the lizard that made this image
Credit to the lizard that made this image

Staking & Redeployment

These items are on schedule to roll out this month.

Change to March’s AMA

We will be replacing our mid-monthly AMA for March with an important town hall. This will be regarding the future of Ethlizards and discuss:

  • Taking advantage of our unique positioning in GameFi

  • Updated Ethlizards vision

  • Proposed product/solution line

  • Funding and economic structural changes

  • Team & Organisational changes

  • Roadmap

  • Next Steps (Community Feedback, AMA, LIPs)

Releasing the Ethlizards Whitepaper & Future LIPs

We have prepared a white paper with the expanded Ethlizards vision and scope, as well as details on products, revenue streams and other major items. The goal will be to present the white paper to community, discuss major elements and publish an LIP for DAO approval on the larger proposal to move forward. Then if needed, continue discussion over time on minor elements that may need changed or adjusted.

Expanding the Team

Last month, we announced Kmao’s role shift to a solidity development & product focused role. We have brought Animositas on board as a strategic advisor. Together we are expanding the Ethlizards vision, external branding and outreach, as well as the general direction of the project. We have plans to continue expanding the team as funds become available to increase our DAO’s overall abilities and offerings.

Stay tuned! It’s a short newsletter this month as most of our resources have been put towards products and crafting a whitepaper that’ll detail the next couple of years of plans, products and ideas for Ethlizards. Please be patient as we will plan for a couple of weeks


We’ve been working hard behind the scenes. March will be a month where you’ll start to get an idea the bigger plans we have been working on, as well as some critical progress like collection redeployment and staking. Join us for the AMA and keep your eyes peeled for the white paper drop later this month.

- Ethlizards Team

About Ethlizards

A premier GameFi and DeFi Investment DAO, the Ethlizards offer top-class NFT utility to holders and drive value back to one of the best communities in Web3. Through our excellent connections within the industry, we have access to various pre-seed and seed investments and much of the DAO treasury is reserved for this. Ethlizards V1 and V2 NFT holders are granted DAO membership and access to exclusive benefits including governance voting, staking with revenue distribution rewards, perks from partnerships including white lists, beta access and AMAs, access to private discord with discussion channels for alpha, NFTs, GameFi, DeFi and everything Web3, gaming tournaments and community events. The Underground Lizard Lounge is always open to its revered members.

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