#4 Mid-Monthly Newsletter, October

An update on the current progress of October & overall Q4 goals.

Just a quick update on the prior October newsletter. Most progress has been made public already, so not too much to add on this one.

Updates on Prior Newsletter Actionables

  • Treasury Management

    • We’ve sold $60,000 of ETH for USDC, for investments & future run-way. Read on more to find out why!
  • Rebranding Updates

    • This is already finalised! You should have already been able to see some design work in the channel. Here’s a graphic for it!
  • Website Revamp

    • We should be on track to finish this next week. We received 2 drafts around last week and need to iterate off them before we can push anything live.
  • Application Form/Platform

    • Also received some drafts around the same time as the website, expect the same/similar release date!
  • Staking

    • Proposal coming out next week. Had to finalise and change some flows to make integration with Aelin easier. The proposal and documentation are all drafted and need to be reviewed and edited before we can push it to the public! Pretty excited to unveil what we have in mind.
  • Merch

    • No major updates on this front, we are currently iterating off some old designs that No Standing has given to us. The process will just be us giving feedback and editing the designs until we reach something we are happy with.
  • Community Review/Contributor Program

    • This is already released as well! We’ve gotten some responses and already started building up the infrastructure, as well as handing off some collaborations to the Liaison Lizards. The efforts of the Lizard Contributors helps to relieve some strain off the core team so we can focus on pushing out products and other initiatives! We’ll keep evolving this pilot program and expand it over time.
  • Financials/Investment Updates

    • Here’s a quote from Council Member Lizident that should cover everything investment related

      Investment 1 - we just signed the SAFT so are good to send funds whenever. We are going to have a (joint) aelin pool towards the end of Oct.

      Investment 2 - Investment coming before end of Oct.

      Investment 3 - Waiting for legal docs to be sent to us, before end of year.

    • The above investments total up to around 60,000 USDC in value, which was the reason for the ETH to USDC swap that occurred a couple of days ago.

That's all folks!


The Ethlizards Team

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