You up..?

It’s been a crazy month.

Four weeks ago we launched our new curation model and it’s been an amazing success. Every “LNRZ Weekly” drop has gone within seconds, and our unique collectors have grown by 10x.

We owe this momentum to our entire community and want to give special thanks to the artists who trusted the vision: Vaarwell, DLG., Lyrah, Bloody White, Mija, and Mark Evans.

In addition to LNRZ Weekly we also:

Closed our crowdfund which put 20 ETH to the LNRZ Treasury
Launched FREE.01
Announced a remix competition
Scheduled drops into 2023.

With all that said, we’re happy to introduce our last segment of the year called “You up?”.


You up? is an experiment, and just like a drunk text, you won’t entirely know when it’s coming.

Contrary to its Weekly counterpart, “You up?” will experiment editions and price point variables, and can vary depending on the song.

For context, every LNRZ Weekly drop has featured 50 editions at 0.03 ETH with a presale of 25 at 0.02 ETH.

With these new drops, we want to find ways to test those boundaries and give a spotlight to additional artists.

Our goal as a community is to put out great music, and have fun doing it. Part of that narrative means we have to try things outside of the normal release structure and we feel this is a great stepping stone towards that.

We also recognize that the current LNRZ Weekly drops are favorable to US collectors, and conveniently believe that dropping You Up at the time(s) you might expect a drunk text could help us expand our collector demographic into new markets.

The first You up? drop might happen tonight - but you never know for sure.


We’re now taking submissions through the LNRZ twitter account while continuing to hand curate with the intention of highlighting more of the community.

Our line is always open and we’re excited to continue to grow alongside you all.

If you’ve collected any LNRZ NFTs or hold any of the crowdfund $LNRZ tokens please join our collector chat where we talk about the future of LNRZ and share early alpha.

Keep your notifications on.

You never know when you might get a You up? text.

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