MUA DAO: Building the Largest Virtual Reality Guild of Architects | Jam Review No. 16
July 25th, 2022

Today’s Jam Review features MUA DAO which aims to build the largest virtual reality guild of architects.


Metaverse Union of Architects (MUA) is a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) whose mission is to help millions of professionals around the world break the shackles to overcome the high threshold of the crypto world and create the largest virtual reality guild of architects, providing a large number of excellent builders for the metaverse.

We will partner with more companies and projects to meet new demands and fix pain points, optimize community-owned assets for maximum utility, and share profits with community members.

The ultimate vision we want to achieve is to gather more and more real estate-related resources and traffic flows, acting as the infrastructure of the influential metaverse real estate to link reality and the future world.

What unique value does your product features bring in?

  • A metaverse asset value booster with brilliant creators as its core: MUA, an industry guild of metaverse content creators, guides and gathers professionally trained content creators of the real world to play to their strengths in the metaverse. Our value accruing ecosystem with organic and strong growth in the metaverse will be achieved through a tool-based service provider system, a cross-chain, cross-platform metaverse asset trading platform, and a launchpad as a wide distribution network of high-quality NFTs.
  • A Land Asset Value Booster: we import high-quality targeted content to build a thriving ecosystem for metaverse projects. Individual landowners can win token rewards by staking idle land assets on the revenue-generating platform, or they can earn commercial rental income by leasing their own land.
  • A Complete Solution for Commercial Promotion: we support brands or companies to expand their business using advanced digital advertising technologies in the metaverse at a minimal cost. The influence of the community of high-quality content creators will simultaneously generate additional traffic for companies.
  • Construction Service Provider: construction Service Provider introduces a large number of excellent construction service providers through easy-to-understand introductory courses, tools, and architecture competitions of different themes. We also establish a platform to recommend high-quality works and highly qualified architects.

What need/problem does your product meet/fix?

MUA is addressing the key challenges:

  1. Challenge from landowners: Metaverse projects usually have difficulty in aggregating content creators quickly and accruing value for land NFTs. And individual landowners have no time or
    energy to build, most importantly, no platform to meet their demand to profit from their virtual estates
  2. Challenge from business owners: cost of doing business too high, no platform that helps people quickly find land assets to rent.
  3. Challenges from the service providers: serious shortage of practitioners, lack of client sources, and no platform to exhibit their works.
  4. Challenge from transaction pain points: no trading platform to implement short-term online rental leases. The traditional transaction process is primitive, requiring a high degree of trust, blockchain solves this problem. And it’s difficult to trade across multiple blockchains and metaverse platforms.

How does your product set aside from your competition?

  • MUA DAO provides a one-stop service for customers seeking estate services in the metaverse.
  • MUA DAO saves time for the customer by aggregating multiverse real estate rental info and recommending top construction service providers.
  • MUA DAO offers an open, transparent, and trusted trading platform enabled by smart contracts to reduce transaction costs.

What’s your growth path in the short, mid, and long-term?

MUA DAO participates in more in-depth development cooperation with different Metaverse projects through the combination of tool-side + professional community. We hold the MUA Design Awards with various well-known IP co-branding to attract professional designers into the community, and then guide them to use the Metaverse universal editor embedded in the MUA badge system to share with the community large-scale development on different Metaverse platforms with the benefits of land operations.

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