Madhavan Malolan

Madhavan Malolan

Founder [Questbook https://questbook.xyz Writing about things that need to be built in web3
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Emit controls distribution

In web2, they who control the App on the users’ phones control the distribution.

An ML marketplace in web3.

If your dapp needs a particular ML model to be run to identify face from a video, count the number of reps of pushups from a video etc. Create a trained model and upload to a public repository.

Taking web3 to the Billion

I think we routinely keep talking about bringing 1B users to web3. It’s a wrong mental model, and we end up building the exactly wrong products.

The only thing that works in web3 is composability.

We’re lying to ourselves what web3 is about. Just because someone named it web3, we’ve forced ourselves to come up with a usecase that is incremental to web2.
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The move fast break things playbook every engineer will hate

Common traps that developers fall into which stops them from moving fast and breaking things. I’m going to invite a lot of shit on myself for this - but ok …
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Most smart contracts are centralized

Most web3 developers are writing code that is centralized. They’re just writing web2 code in Solidity. Be careful when you’re overpaying for “web3 developers”.
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Request to build - Web3 native identity specification

I wrote earlier that NFTs are an essential piece in the identity layer on web3.
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Incentivized composability programs : A more accurate name for Grant Programs

Grants are treated as charity; A moral obligation for successful projects to redistribute the wealth they’ve created. That is exactly where some protocols and DAOs go wrong.
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Permissionless Hierarchy : A new way to look at DAOs.

DAOs are the biggest misnomer of web3. They don’t work, and no one seems to know how to make it work. Here, I present a view to challenge the way we look at DAOs to begin with.