Let's launch the Wallet Web3 deserves

This is in continuation to the previous post that lays out the technical specifications of decoupling a wallet - between a signing app and an asset management app.

This solves 4 basic problems to have an app that only signs messages & transactions.

Clear UX

Having one clear usecase will make the app design simple and help in user onboarding.

Users installing a wallet and seeing $0 on it is disheartening. What is more important is getting Private keys into the hands of more people.

Not having to mix up signing UX with seeing the current trading prices will result in manifold improvements user experience.

Multi chain world

The biggest problem right now is if you want to make a transaction on Polygon, Harmony or any other EVM chain - you need to add the RPC to the wallet.

You need to know what it even means to set the chain.

Ideally, the chain should be transparent. Just like it doesn’t matter what technology - php, nodejs, .net - is the backend built on. Is this app built on Polygon? Harmony? Avalanche? Mainnet? Shouldn’t really matter.

Gasless onboarding

When people are doing transactions for the first time, it doesn’t make any sense to have a requirement that the user should have some native tokens to pay gas. Howsoever little is a huge onboarding issue.

A wallet that doesn’t need you to know which chain you need to interact with, delegating that decision to the Dapp rather than the wallet, coupled with meta transactions where the Dapp pays the gas. (Think Biconomy)

Ideally the Dapp should pay the user onboarding fees. Probably the first 10 transactions or first month. Equivalent of SaaS’s trial period. Then ask the user to start paying gas on the transactions.

More usecases

If users have access to the private keys that isn’t also an asset management platform, can unlock a lot of new usecases that will be built on top.

For example, signing a document. You don’t look to sign a document on docusign with your Paypal app - you sign it using the “Sign in with Google button”.

Instead of managing the assets from the wallet - the assets can be managed on different app or website. The website will show you the assets you own and if you want to move them around, you can just sign the transaction from this signing app.

We have the prototype ready. Looking for someone who’ll wireframe the product and launch the product in the industry. DM me if you’re interested in taking this up :)

What I need from you

  • Build the wireframes and onboarding flow
  • Create a launch plan
  • Get partnerships with DApps to use this product
  • Build a full-fledged product & company :)
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