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Why are we struggling to retain interest in communities?

February 01
It’s a simple question, and I started thinking more deeply about it after a conversation with my accountability partner in the Bankless Academy program. We were talking about our first pieces in week 1, and what we’d be writing about, and the conversation ventured to communities.

Empowering Contributors: How DAOs Can Improve the Onboarding Experience

January 28
I started DAOing my way in this space last year. I’ve spent the better part of the last decade in the media and tech space, so naturally media web3 conversations had me feeling excited about what was to come. I kept hearing the name of a particular media DAO in conversations, to the point where I was intrigued and excited. A few weeks later, thanks to getting connected to an editor there, I began writing for them. That was the start of a fascinating journey I started immersing myself in. A few months later, I was actively contributing to multiple DAOs, and a passive member of a couple more. Being an active community builder and researcher intuitively, I’ve been reflecting over different aspects of DAOs. Today, I’m going to touch on onboarding, its significance, and how we can improve it.