Introducing MatchBox Arena

MatchboxDao is organizing an E-sport tournament: 0xMonaco: The battle of Titans in a closed league with only the best Web3 companies as participants. It will be the "World cup of the Web3 companies" to find out which company has the best technical team. There will be real-time streaming and top-tier commentators with key partners.

In order to have the best crypto native game experience, We created a tournament platform to host on-chain dev games with a video simulation of the games for maximal entertainment. Our games can be played by any developer, even those unfamiliar with solidity. 

What is 0xMonaco? 

In August 2022, Paradigm, one of the most influential VCs in the Web3 landscape, launched a series of CTF challenges with one interesting exception. The last challenge wasn't a usual CTF challenge but a PVP game that took the web3 community by storm, 0xMonaco. 

0xMonaco is a racing game where three cars race against each other in each round. The key idea behind it is that each car is a smart contract. The contract can specify different rules for when and how to take action.

Cars can buy acceleration in order to increase their speed, and they can slow down other cars by buying shells and hitting them. The price of actions is dynamic and increases/decreases according to the overall buy rate and demand. A typical strategy in 0xMonaco can be buying shells only when the car is in second place. and below a certain price. 

But it goes far beyond a simple code challenge. It's a social experiment involving pure technical aspects, economic incentives, utility optimization patterns, and stress testing of rationality. A game to test and push to the limit of the best developers.

Our platform 

As of now, our platform runs closed tournaments with the best developers and teams, A tournament can start/end at a certain time, and some tournaments may require players to submit a smart contract strategy at specific timeframes in order to participate in the round. After everyone submits their strategy, the matches starting each round affect the final score and position of the teams. After a few rounds, the teams can check the results, and the round's simulation creates adaptations and submit a new, improved strategy. 

We want to reach as many players as possible, but our platform goes much further than a game platform. It is also a platform for general entertainment related to games. We allow viewers to watch the tournaments, replay matches and closely follow their favorite team and players for the entire tournament.

What's coming next?

  1. On-chain deployment- currently, we are running our game off-chain. We are targeting the next year to deploy on-chain contacts, most of the execution will remain off-chain, but we are going to have smart contracts to verify rounds execution, on-chain assets, and score/achievement system.

  2. Extending our platform for other games via game submission- We are going to create an open system for game creators to submit their games and enjoy all the features our platform provides (tournaments, playgrounds, and a growing community of players and viewers).

Social and entertainment layer

Pool prizes, and participation rewards, we want to create different economic layers around games, also provide the means for creating suitable Esports around on-chain games but also allowing viewers to participate and create on-chain assets.

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