Level Up Your Cairo: Announcing Matchbox DAO Physics Puzzle V1
Matchbox DAO
April 3rd, 2022

What Is It?

The Matchbox DAO physics puzzle v1 is a programming challenge based on the concept of Solve 2 Mint invented by guiltygyoza and Topology.

The puzzle consists of a Cairo contract that simulates collisions between 2d circles based on an initial velocity vector and the initial position of the circles. The contract calculates a score and saves any valid solution tied to the user’s address. Once a solution has been claimed by a user, it cannot be claimed again.

The contract contains multiple “levels” which represent different initial positions for the circles. The levels do not necessarily correlate with difficulty, although some levels may be more difficult by pure chance.

The goal of this puzzle is to onboard developers and logical problem solvers into the Starknet ecosystem who have no or limited experience with Cairo in a fun and interactive way. You are not required to set up a Cairo development environment or write any Cairo code to participate in this round. However, it is encouraged and may accelerate your learning!

How Do I Participate?

View the instructions on the Github repo.

In Summary:

  1. Register your discord username through the SNS contract.
  2. Read through the contracts to understand what the simulation is doing, how the puzzle is scored, any limitations on input, etc. Then, using any tool or programming language of your choice, derive a solution for any level with the highest score you can find that has not been claimed.
  3. Submit your solution through the puzzle frontend, voyager block explorer, or your CLI.
  4. Join the Matchbox DAO discord to meet other puzzle solvers and developers to collaborate for building on Starknet.

What Do I Get?

All puzzle solvers will receive a special role in the Matchbox DAO discord. We are attempting to build a community of curious, likeminded problem solvers interested in developing on Starknet. V1 puzzle solvers will be encouraged to provide their feedback and shape future versions of Matchbox DAO puzzles.

Puzzle solvers will be the first users to be eligible to beta test games developed on Starknet with the support of Matchbox.

Puzzle solvers will always have an open line of communication and fast track to become grantees if they have specific development ideas they would like to pursue in the Starknet gaming ecosystem.

Although the current version of the contracts do not automatically mint an NFT, the solutions are stored and associated with a solver address. Matchbox will be awarding the 5 highest scores for each level after 3 weeks a special NFT.

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