MatchBoxDAO has raised $7.5m in funding
August 18th, 2022

For the past few months, MatchboxDAO has built a robust community of on-chain game developers. Now we are excited to announce that Matchbox DAO has raised a funding round to accelerate StarkNet-based gaming initiatives.

MatchboxDAO has raised $7.5m with participation from investors including StarkWare, Big Brain Holdings, Geometry Research, Bitkraft, 1kx, Delphi Ventures, Lemniscap, Fabric Ventures, Road Capital, Chapter One, Game7, C2 Capital, Mirana, ReadyPlayerDAO, Neon DAO, Formless Capital, and Mask Network.

In addition, individual investors, including Jonathan Caras, Clarence LP, Matt Slater, Larry Cermak and William Edward Price participated in the round.


“Matchbox is on the route to build the next wave of infrastructure for the next gen of games. Composable games and DApps that empower devs and creators as well as  hundreds of millions of users.”

Yonatan Ben-Shimon, Founder and CEO at Matchbox DAO Foundation

“Matchbox is helping new gaming apps to set foot in expanding the gaming realm of the StarkNet ecosystem. Their support and mentorship for game builders are an important contribution for StarkNet.”

Uri Kolodny, Co-Founder and CEO at StarkWare


Why StarkNet?

We decided to build on top of StarkNet because it has several uniquely promising features for on-chain game development: it is cost-effective, fast, and maintains the security of mainnet Ethereum. In addition, StarkWare’s community of developers, along with its track record of consistently delivering high-quality products, made them our primary choice for collaborating.

How Will These Funds be Used?

This funding will be used for developing MatchboxDAO’s core products.

One is Matchbox Spark, an incubating program that connects us with high-quality teams, providing funding and mentorship to accelerate their gaming visions.

The other is Matchbox Studios, a set of core games and a suite of tools for accelerating game development.

More details about these exciting new initiatives will be released shortly.

Funds will also be allocated to development teams in the Matchbox ecosystem to help them build on-chain gaming primitives, mechanics, and products quickly and easily.

Our Team

MatchboxDAO was founded in 2022 by Yonatan Ben-Shimon. Alongside him his team, Joe Pokrzywa as head of MatchBox Spark, Edouard Mottet and Elie-Alexandre Guthmann as the growth team, and Ivan Molev as the investor relations manager. But Matchbox also consists of a devs team, bringing together a large community of top StarkNet developers, and a content team, a group of ideators and writers.

Want to join MatchBoxDAO

We are currently expanding the team & are looking for a CTO & head of people.

If you want to be part of the MatchBox story, join our media channels:

Twitter    Discord  

Full List of Investors

1kx Big Brain Holdings BITKRAFT C Squared Ventures

CHAPTER ONE Clarence LP Delphi Ventures Fabric Ventures

Formless Capital Game7 DAO Geometry Research HASH Capital

ID Theory Management IDT Crypto Asset Fund Jonathan Caras Larry Cermak

Lemniscap Lionschain Capital Matt Slater Mask Network Mirana Neon DAO

Ready Player DAO

Road Capital Serenity StarkWare William Edward Price


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