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MatchboxDAO is a collective of developers, artists, and designers building the infrastructure of on-chain games with StarkNet. We create technical infrastructure, produce written content, and engage in discourse. We provide incubation and mentorship allowing contributors to create on-chain games with appropriate guidance on all aspects that entrepreneurs & developers need.


Matchbox Sparks

Building blockchain games is expensive and time consuming. Developers often do not have a stable environment to build their games, when pressured with other factors in entrepreneurship. MatchboxDAO wants to accelerate the development of young and growing blockchain games and infrastructure on StarkNet. To support builders while offering them maximal flexibility, we are thrilled to announce Matchbox Sparks.

What is Matchbox Sparks

Matchbox Sparks is a place for developers who have a larger vision than they can handle alone. Oftentimes, it is hard to nurture the entrepreneurial gene while still performing as a dev. This is where MatchboxDAO can be of use. If you have a roadmap to bring your company from zero to one, we want to be the ones who bring you there.

Is it right for you?

This program is not meant to be a rigorous set of steps that are needed to ‘qualify’. The first thing we’d ask of you is simply to join us on one of our weekly dev calls (held every Wednesday at 11:00 hours EST), speak with our team and community, and learn how you can fit in. From there, we can make a connection and decide further details.

Handling the legal structure, fundraising, pitching, tokenomics, community and company strategy are all areas where you can rely on Matchbox for assistance. As long as you have the long term vision and follow through, we are happy to foster these other areas of your project. In return, Matchbox Sparks would take a small portion of the company’s equity, depending on how much effort is put into business development.

MatchboxDAO works with many devs from the StarkNet ecosystem, and has access to resources that will ensure your success if you decide to build on StarkNet. We look forward to hearing your pitch, sharing our own tips and providing advice on how you can bring your idea to the next level.

We’re always looking for driven devs and are open to partnerships if our visions align. If you would like to get in touch with us, please feel free to fill out the Google Form here: We look forward to fostering new innovations in the blockchain gaming space, and building relationships with you!

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