May 30th, 2022

One of my favorite visualizations from Jack Butcher is the one above, expressing “Noise is what you say. Signal is what they remember.” If there’s anything I’ve heard the most over the last 90 days, it’s the importance of optimizing for high signal over noise.

Why is this important? One thing, the internet is massive. Over 4B people have access to the internet and millions of pieces of information is being distributed every day. We all have a part to play in consuming the right information that suits us as well as contribute to the betterment of the internet for others’ consumption. When you’re trying to find the highest signal information or trying to differentiate yourself on the internet amidst millions of people, the two important traits you practice are patience and consistency.

In an effort to distill my initial 90 days in venture into a concise list of 30 lessons, I reflected on conversations with the Greylock team, founders, and colleagues I’ve had the pleasure to work with and learn from so far. The following includes brief takes with the highest signal and resonance to my recent personal experiences.

Here’s to the next 90+. Thoughts, always welcome.