Recent NFTs and Posts

ⓘ This is a collectable writing NFT

Here are some of my recent NFTs and Farcaster frame posts and activity:



"Arc" NFT is a Farcaster-reimagined view of the Arc de Triomphe on Base Mainnet, priced at Ξ0.00 (plus mint fee), minting now on ZORA. View full details at: →

Ice Storm

"Ice Storm" is a photograph NFT on Base Mainnet, which minted exclusively on Farcaster using Manifold's Frame Mint on Base app. "Ice Storm" was a limited edition of 50, priced at Ξ0.00, and minted out in under two hours. It’s available now on Secondary. View full details at: →



"Recording" is another photograph NFT on Base Mainnet, an edition of 25, priced at Ξ0.0005 and minting now on Manifold. The claim page URL renders on Farcaster as a frame with the new " Mint with Wallet⚡" button functionality.View full details at: →

Curate App

Manifold's Curate app has been updated to display on Farcaster as a frame gallery with navigation and Mint⚡ buttons. Older claim pages which wouldn't otherwise render mint buttons, can now do so in Curate app:


→ View on Farcaster

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