How to lock any token in a Hedgey NFT

A new, unique feature in the Hedgey protocol allows users to lock any token, for any amount of time, in a Hedgey NFT. This feature allows people to use an NFT as a cool visual wallet for their tokens.

This article will walk you through how to do this.

First, head over to the Portfolio page on the Hedgey app where all your Hedgey NFTs (across all chains) will be displayed. If you haven’t already, connect your wallet, either through Metamask or WalletConnect.

Once your wallet is connected, you’ll see the “Mint Vesting NFT” button. You will be prompted to enter the contract address for the token you’d like to lock. To find the token address, click on the designated token in your wallet, open the dropdown menu, click “Token Details”, and copy the token address.

Below is an example where we’ll be locking up 1USDT on Harmony Mainnet. The Hedgey protocol supports an additional 8 networks/chains.

Once the contract address is entered, new fields will populate.

At this step you will enter the amount of tokens you would like to lock in the “I want to lock” field, the date you’d like the tokens to be locked until, and the wallet address for the recipient of the NFT.

As shown in this example, I want to lock up 20 1USDT until May 31st, and since I’m minting the NFT for myself, I’ll click the “Use connected wallet” option. From there, I’ll click “Approve 1USDT” and sign the transaction in my wallet.

Okay, last step! Click “Lock tokens and mint NFT”, sign the transaction, and in a few minutes (at the most), you’ll be able to see your unique Hedgey in your portfolio!

There you go, look at my freshly minted Hedgey, along with all my other Hedgey NFTs in my portfolio! You’ll notice each Hedgey NFTs background color corresponds to the network/chain it’s on (Gnosis green, Celo yellow, etc.).

Use this link to check out the Hedgey I minted, go straight to our app to try this yourself, or join our Discord to learn more & get involved!

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