Airdrop | Check Your Eligibility for the Mint Genesis NFT Whitelist Now and Share Your NFT Journey

The world of Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) is about to witness a significant milestone with the upcoming release of Mint Genesis NFTs, a unique and foundational aspect of the Mint Blockchain ecosystem.

As we gear up for this transformative phase, we're thrilled to unveil the whitelist rules for the Type 1 of MintPass, Mint Genesis NFT, and the opening of the eligibility check portal.

MintPass: A Gateway to Exclusive Perks of Mint Blockchain

MintPass is the official NFT pass of the Mint Blockchain and community, it serves as an exclusive gateway to a range of benefits within the Mint Blockchain ecosystem. MintPass comes in two types: Mint Genesis NFT and MintID NFT. Holders of these two types of NFT will be early seed users in the Mint ecosystem, enjoying the highest priority rewards and a spectrum of ecosystem privileges, including priority participation in Mint Testnet and airdrops of Mint Blockchain’s native assets and airdrops from other high-value projects within the ecosystem. Symbolizing their integral role in shaping the future of Mint Blockchain. Explore here.

More Details about MintPass:

Discover Your Place, Mint Genesis NFT Whitelist

Mint Genesis NFT Whitelist is specifically tailored for active participants in the NFT ecosystem and Mint Blockchain. You might be eligible if you fall into one of these five categories:

  1. NFT Marketplace Users: Users with a historical total trading value exceeding 20 ETH on NFT marketplaces: Opensea、Blur、LooksRare、X2Y2、OKX NFT、Alienswap、Element、Bitget NFT, will be eligible for the airdrop. The snapshot date for this criterion is December 21, 2023.

  2. NFT Collection Holders: Proud owners of NFTs from collections: CryptoPunks, BAYC, Doodles, Azuki, MAYC, PudgyPenguins, CloneX, DeGods, Milady, Moonbirds, Mocaverse, Cool Cats, Checks, Ready Player Club, Matr1x, Weirdo Ghost Gang, Debox, y00ts and others as of the snapshot date (December 21, 2023) will qualify for the airdrop.

  3. NFTFi Users: Regular users of Blur and BendDAO, if you’ve interacted with more than 3 times NFT-Fi trading on these platforms, you’re potentially on the list, based on the snapshot taken on December 21, 2023.

  4. Ethereum Inscription Asset Holders: As of December 21, 2023, if you hold Ethereum inscriptions: eths, Facet, gwei, Ethereum Punks, or Epoch, you might be eligible for the airdrop.

  5. Mint Blockchain Early Contributors (activities in progress): We've reserved an exclusive whitelist for the Mint Blockchain community members. Users who don’t meet the above four criteria can still secure a spot on the whitelist by participating in official Mint Blockchain events. Users with special roles in the Mint Discord community will also be included in the whitelist, based on the snapshots taken on December 21, 2023, and January 9th, 2024.

Airdrop Eligibility Check Portal: Open Now

To facilitate a smooth and transparent process, we have launched an eligibility check portal, accessible via Mint Airdrop eligibility check website. Users can now verify their eligibility for the Mint Genesis NFT airdrop. The portal is user-friendly and ensures a seamless experience for all interested participants.

How to Check Your Eligibility on Mint’s Official Website:

Follow these simple steps to discover if you're on the whitelist:

  1. Connect Your Wallet: Visit the Mint Blockchain official Airdrop eligibility check and connect your wallet.

  2. Explore Your NFT Journey Report: After connecting, you’ll receive a personalized NFT Journey report. We encourage you to follow Mint on X and share your NFT Journey.

  3. Check Your Eligibility and Share: Once you’ve shared your NFT Journey, you can check if you’ve made it onto the whitelist. Share your eligibility on X if you’re eligible for the Mint Genesis NFT airdrop. There are additional rewards for sharing.

Airdrop eligibility check
Airdrop eligibility check

Important Note: Some ongoing activities are not yet included in the current whitelist. Stay updated with Mint’s official events and revisit on January 10th to recheck your eligibility.

Claim Your Mint Genesis: January 10-24, 2024

Eligible wallets can claim (free-mint) their Mint Genesis NFT airdrop between January 10 and 24, 2024. This is a limited-time event, for a duration of 2 weeks, and will expire after this period.

Claim here:

Additional Reward: Share Your NFT Journey

This isn't just about checking a list; it's a celebration of your journey in the NFT world. By sharing your NFT Journey, you become a part of a larger community narrative and stand a chance to earn exclusive rewards. Share your NFT Journey on X and submit the post link on Mint Zealy.

Minting a New Era for NFTs, Together

By being eligible for the Mint Genesis NFT whitelist, you're not just acquiring a digital asset and future airdrops. You're becoming a part of Mint Blockchain's history and future. The Mint Genesis NFT is a badge of honor, representing early adoption and active participation in our community.

Visit Airdrop eligibility check, follow the simple steps, and dive into the exciting world of Mint Genesis NFT. Remember, sharing your journey not only celebrates your path in the NFT world but also brings additional rewards. Let's embrace this journey together and mark our place in the NFT universe. Mint Together, Thrive Together, Minting a New Era for NFTs, Together.

This is just the beginning.

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