July 25th, 2022

Since entering the world of web3 this year—after hanging around the edge of the pool in 2020-2021, dipping my toes into the water but never taking the plunge and jumping in—I will admit that it’s also facilitated the expansion of my internal world.

Quite simply, the world seems to have new dimensions that I didn’t previously have access to—and it has rewired the ways I navigate, and think of myself, in the world.

In web3, even as it is very much focused on the individual—rights, assets, ability to participate in DAOs, traverse metaverses, etc; it also creates conditions within which the entire notion of one’s self can be unshackled, from all of one’s predispositions.

Never will I ever forget the feeling—quite literally—of having purchased my first NFT, which was actually free, as it only cost the nominal gas fee to transfer it to myself. It is a pixelated image of the Rembrandt self-portrait hanging in the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston. It was created by my, now acquaintance, Scott Baker.