Novelty-seeking missile, backend web3 technophile, and web2 runaway here to build the future. Blogging as I learn, build and catalyze.
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A Neophyte's Guide to Vitalia

An overview of Vitalia, a crypto web3 enabled longevity biotech startup city in Roatan, Honduras, in the Prospera ZEDE special economic zone. Aligned with VitaDAO, this crypto-futurist enterprise seeks to make death optional and kick-start

Complex EVM Storage Mappings for Tenderly State Overrides and General Debugging 🧮

September 01
September 1, 2023

A Neophyte’s Guide to Crypto Nomadism: Part I

Four months ago, I quit my startup job as a backend software developer, hauled everything I owned into a 10x10’ storage unit, and left my life on the West Coast behind.
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A Neophyte's Guide to Crypto Maximalism


Never going back...

Freshly inculcated from ETH Amsterdam, I am writing this blog to share my thoughts (forever, on-chain, indelibly) on transitioning to Web3 from Web2.