January 13th, 2022

Quick preface: shoutout to Jen, Vyara, Brennen, Jonathan, Ryan and Jeff for contributing to this framework.

As planning for Jump Season 2 kicked off, conversations began circulating about Jump’s mission statement, core values and positioning in the greater web3 space. As you can imagine, a group of agency people tackling these questions was pretty astonishing.

First, if you’re unfamiliar with Jump, it’s the first tokenized community of marketing and advertising professionals. Our community is focused on the intersection of crypto and web3 and marketing of all categories—and for those who are interested but unsure of where to start, it’s an excellent resource for learning and understanding the wild world of web3.

Because it’s still so early, I haven't seen many, if any, strategic frameworks that evaluate and map the positioning of crypto projects like we traditionally do for web2 brands. It could be a personal thing, maybe other strategists feel the same way, but there's something deeply satisfying about applying strategic frameworks to projects you're working on. At the very least they're a great jumping off point for your team's strategic planning.

November 19th, 2021

An exploration of what a decentralized football community can accomplish.

Like many people in the space, I started rabbit holing into crypto and web3 around the start of the pandemic. Since then, so much has been rapidly developed, changed and grown — keeping track of it all is basically a second job. As an outsider, I realize this all may sound and look crazy. People are leaving their cushy finance or tech job to build around fake internet money — “red pilling” as it has come to be known.  

What really captured my attention was how web3 was changing the way we work and collaborate. The flexibility, the autonomy, the excitement around projects was and is contagious. It really does feel like we’re where the internet was circa 1998.