DICEology Preamble

Atomic fission can power our species several lifetimes over, or end most of it in mere minutes. Crypto, like all technology, is neutral –– credibly so, you might say

How we implement our existing tools determines the outcomes produced; but Why we apply them, the motivation behind their implementation, instruct their actualization. A continuous economical, ethical, historical, moral, political, social question. If we choose to ignore precedents and build in a vacuum, we’re bound to repeat the mistakes of the past, giving more powerful weapons to bad actors

Examining DAOs I see little critical reimagination, restructuring, and innovation of past failures

Current implementations of DAOs are flawed and no one has yet come close to addressing the root problem. “Autonomous” organizations coupled with excessive democratization are fundamentally incompatible, rendering the whole space oxymoronic. Mainstream framing of DAOs as elite, token-gated social / investment clubs are reductive, and harmful to their long-term potential. In the future DAOs will be modular, created and disbanded as needed; built on top of a distributed information network serving as a highway of “essential nutrients” in the form of information, knowledge, and data analytics

If we’re to achieve truly Autonomous behavior, as for any harmonious life experience, we must forgo the illusion of control and surrender ourselves to the complexity of our universe. DICE –– Distributed Intelligence / Collective Emergence –– is a recognition that together we may become greater than the sum of our parts. I envision a network of interoperable knowledge graphs, encompassing contributor onboarding, education communication, and treasury spending

Studying mycelia networks, we see how nature has chosen to organize its information system, giving us a blueprint for our own networks. Graph based systems (knowledge, analytics, decision, etc) are a mathematical analogue to these networks. Here, I’d like to go over why we need these networks to flourish, how they improve current organization models, and what shape they could end up taking

Automate human connection, optimize for cross-pollination. I’m learning how to do this. Ecosystems will form then Holofy, fractly deepening knowledge 🐝
Idk, if anyone is / wants to work on this stuff hmu ya let’s build cool stuff ey ?

3 Part Series Dropping Soon™️

  • Mutualistic Species Prosperity –– Chokehold of Capitalism, New Financial Systems
  • Modular Holobiont Organizations –– Creative Collaboration, Public Goods Model, Implementing Progress
  • Distributed Information / Collective Emergence; Knowledge Graph Networks –– Surfacing Connectivity; Mycelia Inspired Sink + Source Dynamics For: Analytics, Contributors, Education, Funding, Recognition
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