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Civic Holostructure –– Engagemint

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Years back I gave my hand towards increasing accessibility and transparency in Local Civic Engagement. Quickly I realized legacy systems were built against change. Crypto is a clear improvement

The goal is to create robust civic-legitimacy networks; repositories of beneficial, influential, and trustworthy local community members. For more information and thoughts, read on!

el futuro solapunk es possible y lo vamos a creer todos juntos
el futuro solapunk es possible y lo vamos a creer todos juntos

Crypto’s genesis is a direct reaction to capitalism’s cronyism; the corporate capture of our political-economic systems

Evil Powers incessantly encroach on societies’ vital infrastructures, corrupting democracies into oligarchies. Astronomical Wealth Imbalance weakens social trust, favoring division. Accountability Blindness manifests as constant collapse in our globe’s biodiversity and financial health. Authoritarian Empires arise by abandoning our agency in Authority. Divided populations are trivial to exploit

André, a 23 year old agriculture worker, and I chatted as he took us on a boatride to whistle with Pink Dolphins here in the river Tamshiyacu. In between swimming with the Buffeos leaping in the estuary, he recounted his reverence for the Mysticism of the Forest: Dolphins shifting into gringos humanos con el pelo rojo, walking Gaia to converse with others; Trees scraping the heavens, thiccc as houses; Traditional construction methods lost to time

Magical dreams were followed up with harsh reality: Rainforest Deforestation; Toxic River Pollution; Politicians selling others’ land for private profit. He lamented how some turned their lives towards easy unethical gains

Creating regenerative communities is distributed systems’ highest calling

Consenting to abstract conglomerate entities, we’re asphyxiated by debt, mistrust, and violence. Profit is maximized above Species Wellbeing. Enlightened beings don’t kill each other, nor themselves

Horrors we see around us (life-expectancy declines from epidemics, drug overdoses, and suicides; hostile invasions of sovereign countries by power starved dictators) are consequences of our endless pursuit of money

A Thriving Species will seize all opportunities offered to rewrite (re-right) harmful social contracts

Corruption is rampant in the world. The mayor of Tamshiyacu owns a modest house in the village, and a sizable mansion in Iquitos. Inability to verify public expenditures bolsters fraudulent behavior. If residents could witness waste, accountability would follow swiftly. Better yet lets obsolete centralized intermediaries: Coordination accelerates → Progress ensues

Recognizing public goods liberates us from short-term-debt-centered-mind-viruses. I’m not claiming blockchain will make dolphins walk on land, but it could very well heal Earth’s lungs!

Miraculously, new financial instruments have been gifted to us: Open, Sovereign, Trustless

Composable + Forkable + Interoperable + Transparent Cryptonomic Hyperstructures

Hyperstructures are Crypto protocols that run forever free, without maintenance or intermediaries. The following properties are required to qualify:

  • Credibly Neutral: User-agnostic
  • Free: 0 protocol fee, runs exactly at gas cost
  • Valuable: Owners accrue accessible (and excitable) value
  • Expansive: Incentives for participants are built into the protocol
  • Permissionless: Universally accessible by builders and users, censorship resistant
  • Unstoppable: Protocol can’t be stopped by anyone, they run as long as the underlying blockchain exists
  • Positive-Sum: All users mutually benefit from participation in shared infrastructure

Horne NAILED crypto-native infrastructures here, Highly Recommend reading the whole essay

Hyperstructures obliterate extractive intermediaries by providing unconditional access to creators and appreciators alike

Hyperstructures bestow new paradigms for us to play with:

  • Forkability –– the ability to copy, recreate, and tweak existing protocols –– ensures Consent of the users
  • Composability –– the smallest unit-functions of different applications acting as ingredients in a larger recipe –– returns Power to builders
  • Interoperable Modularity –– seamless interaction between different applications –– widens the universe of outcomes
  • Open Source –– freely distributed code, labor, and progress –– is a shared faucet of knowledge from which we all drink

Now for the real crazy shit

Holistic Holostructures

Holostructures are Synergistic Hyperstructures; each complementing the other’s properties to create an ecosystem

You could also call these Metastructures, but I’m rapidly getting Holobiont pilled

DeFi is a few changes away from being the most extensive existing Holostructure:

Yield aggregators, such as Yearn, strategize money into yield bearing “vaults”. These vaults seek to maximize lending and borrowing interest rates from liquidity market protocols, such as Aave. Swaps are routed through an AMM such as Uniswap, or an aggregator like Matcha

Most of these, however, do not fulfill every hyperstructure criteria

  • Yearn runs a 20% performance fee on yield every time a vault is harvested, and a 2% management fee over the course of the year. Not Free
  • Aave has a complex, extensive, yet potentially exploitable governance structure. It’s possible to change permission degrees, assets listed, and other parameters. Violates Unstoppable, potentially Permissionless as well
  • Uniswap was specifically called-out as a hyperstructure example, gold standard of infrastructure

Their small gaps here shouldn’t stop us from building towards HoloFi, where every component of the yield stack is Hyper

Positive-Sum systems arise logically from being Fair, Free, Valuable, Unstoppable; Progress continues eternally thanks to Forkability, Composability, and Interoperable Open Source Innovation

We can now build new regenerative financial systems at the limits of our imagination

Now for some inspiring projects I think are cool magic and want to build with


Kali is legal magic to “simplify DAO and legal structuring. It includes end-to-end tokenization, voting, and legal support such as LLC formation and agreement drafting software

It is credibly neutral, free, permissionless, and unstoppable. Incentives for participation are not built-in, nor are value creation mechanisms. Therefore they’re not Expansive or Valuable. Integrating with something like Myco, a profit-sharing community, could solve that

With Kali, DAO legal representation is as easy as shopping online. This open us a universe of possibilities to interface with the trad world from our little chainspace


What Govrn is to automated contributions, Kudos is to active participation. Through peer-verified, soulbound DNAs, they could become the forward facing image of a contributors skills

Incorporating shared ownership across projects and Kudos’ could Valuable Expansiveness as well


See: “Pinnacle of Collaboration” –– Govrn could become a credentialing + reputation Hyperstructure foundation of the future

As of now I believe they fulfill every Hyper property except Unstoppability. Fully onchain status is currently being developed


Lens is an Open, Modular, Sovereign, Web3 native social-graph, “As the true owners of their content, creators no longer need to worry about losing their content […] each application using Lens Protocol benefits the whole ecosystem, turning the zero-sum game into a collaborative one”

It is free, valuable, expansive, and positive-sum. Being built on Polygon, there could be issues around Unstoppability, as concerns around network security have been raised there. They also retain tight control over a community multi-sig governing the protocol, allowing them to “Setting Treasury Addresses and Fees” and “Whitelisting Assets” among other, potentially violating Permissionless and Credible Neutrality

Forking Lens onto an L2 and removing multi-sig governance solves these issues


Building these proof-of-legitimacy networks would facilitate accountability, from personal relationships to electoral decisions. This is a minuscule step towards onchain identities, but I feel an important bridge between chainspace and meatdimension. Focus for this project isn’t “let’s build more crypto-native tooling” –– enough of that exists already. Engagemint seeks to be a gentle introduction for everyday users to showcase the multitude of benefits that our new tech bring us

Ultimately, the Hyper → Holo model can bring us closer to a world free of debt extraction, and towards one of mutually shared public-benefit

Ciao Loves <3

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Part 2 of DICEology –– Modular Holobionts Soon™️

Part 3 of DICEology –– Graph Network Mycology Soon™️

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