🎒 NFTTrack Handbook

For the first time you use our APP, you can start your journey after simply linking personal wallet (or you can choose login as guest) and twitter account…

Let’s follow to earn!

🧾 Personal (Me) Tab

Personal Page:

1.Your personal wallet of NFT detailed Information

2.NFTs you owned and your trading history

3.Notification Settings, choose different types of push alerts

🐳 Top whale Tab

Following Page

1.It shows real-time sell/buy information from people you followed on twitter, and they are probably social influencer, whale, or your friend.

2.You can take more actions on each person shown such as unfollow, rename and so on by clicking ellipsis at top right of each bar.

3.Also, tap the bar to get into specific personal page for detailed information

Discover Page

Our system will show ‘random’ people here for you to discover some ‘gem’ here. All information is pushed via our special algorithm. They are probably whales, smart money, top rank player, etc.

Rank Page

This page provides two elite ways for you to find the right people to track. They are top rank players in terms of FlipRate or Return.

1.Rank of FlipRate:You can switch categories between whales and collections & 7D activity to find the right person/whale/smart money.

2.Rank of Return:You can track top players to check their asset value within a latest month record.

🎑 Collection Tab

Watchlist Page:

This is basically a page to show your watchlist of the following project. You can track the projects’ daily changes of floor price which you are interested in. The project list can be ordered by Volume/Floor Price/One Day Change Rate.

NextBlueChip Page:

This page is for user to find the next blue chip NFT. It records the projects that vary most positively/negatively.

1.View projects based on different time range

2.Check the project detailed information (tap to get into the project page)

⛩ Project Information

Project Page

1.Project Basic Information

2.Blue Chip Index & Owners Information

3.Related links and Like/Dislike button

4.Details in top holders, activity, items

5.Button to add project into watchlist

Additional Functions:

1.Gas Fee Display
Real-time eth gas fee are always shown in top left corner.

2.Glossary definition
Explanations of some special terms in our App

3.My Following List
Twitter list that you followed

4.Search Function
Users can directly search project name or specific account with twitter name/eth address/ens to quickly find what they are interested in.

Finish, Have a nice day! 😊

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