January 20th, 2022

This article covers how to buy an Ethereum NFT that is for sale on OpenSea.io


  1. You must have an NFT wallet that can connect to OpenSea. We recommend MetaMask, learn how to set one up here.
  2. You must have ETH in your NFT wallet. Learn how to fund your MetaMask wallet here.
  3. Find an NFT that has an active Buy Now listing on OpenSea.io

Hint: You can easily apply the Buy Now filter when searching the marketplace to only show items with an active Buy Now listing

January 20th, 2022

This article covers how to register your ENS domain name.

Step 1: Search for the domain.eth name of your choosing

1.1 - Go to https://app.ens.domains and search check to see whether the .eth domain you want is available, or if someone has already registered it.

January 20th, 2022

This article provides an overview of how to deposit ETH (Ethereum) into your MetaMask using the standard ERC20 network.

Note: ETH can also be traded on different networks, but that this will be covered in future updates.

You can buy ETH from:

  • Option A: from within MetaMask … this is a streamlined process but often charges higher fees that others
  • Option B: from a centralized exchange … this process requires you to create an account with an exchange, but offers a secure way to purchase and transfer ETH or other cryptocurrencies with minimal fees.
  • Option C: from a decentralized exchange … these allow you to exchange other cryptocurrencies for ETH for a small fee.
January 20th, 2022

This article explains how you can create a MetaMask wallet that can store cryptocurrency and NFTs.

Follow these instructions to set up your MetaMask wallet:

  1. Click here to download MetaMask using mobile application or desktop browser extension
  2. Open the application and get started to create a new wallet
  3. Set your password for your new wallet
  4. Write down your seed phrase. It is best to store this written on a safe piece of paper or device that is not connected to the internet. If you forget your password, you can reset it by importing your wallet using your seed phrase. If you loose your seed phrase, it can never be recovered.
  5. Complete the seed phrase verification and account setup steps and voila, you now have a cryptocurrency wallet that supports storing NFTs!
January 16th, 2022

This article provides an outline of learning guides to help you NFT and beyond within the Ethereum ecosystem.

Published guides

January 16th, 2022

This article introduces NFTwithMe, a collective here to help you NFT and beyond.

NFTwithMe is a collective founded by @mata_theNFTguy to help educate and impact through web3 technology and beyond with three primary focus areas:

  1. Education - learn with me to help make sense of how to NFT and beyond.
  2. Empowerment - officially incorporated as NFTwithMe LLC, offering NFT and crypto consulting services worldwide to empower individuals, brands and companies to succeed in the web3 ecosystem and beyond.
  3. Community - join our Discord and follow us on twitter @nftwithme to help foster collaboration and connections around web3 and beyond.

Thank you for being an early community member. We are just getting started.