About Nuxui

The N in Nuxui refers to a sequence of numbers and a compounding effect over time. UX loosely refers to the process of making them being a hybrid generative and self determined outcome. UI is linked to the multifaceted scale of the works, both microscopic scale circuits, buttons and interfaces and also maps and guides. Each Nuxui is composed of the following elements.

  • Blocks: The structure of each piece. Nuxui has both square and rectangle format blocks.
  • Parts: The organic and technical objects that interact with the block through relief, boolean intersections and clustered patterns. The parts can be categorised as dials and panels. There are 24 unique dials and 16 panel types. The panels are stacked in 3 layers from fine to coarse.
  • Materials: There are 6 x material groupings in the Nuxui series: Silicon, stone, metal, nuxtek (translucent metallic material), chroma (layered translucency), and circuit (these ones are like the details of Klimt paintings - rich patterns).
  • Frame and edge blurs: The frames are focusing elements for each piece. They are created from each artwork, and sit behind the front frame with varying levels of blur and masking.
  • Scan lines: These lines move across each work as a marker of time. They are dynamic elements introduced to add movement for display on digital screens - the speed, size and blur of these scan lines vary between works and are randomised.
  • Finishing: Colours, brightness, contrast and finishing, with the bite and grit of noise is artist-determined on each piece to creates more variation within each of the material groupings and across the series as a whole.
NUXUI - break down
NUXUI - break down

These common elements are arranged through simple scattering and clustering simulations, the geometry frozen and then finished by hand, fine tuning the pattern arrangements, lighting and finishing.

Across the series and the months I worked on Nuxui I iteratively changed the way I approached these, making small adjustments as I went. Instead of being a fixed system, Nuxui is a chronological snapshot, each set incrementally developing the technique in a different way.

Each set has its own qualities that are subjective as well as generative. I’ve added a further variable that reflect my subjective preferences for what I think are the strongest works, acknowledging that this is an unusual trait in NFTs and won’t reflect others’ tastes. I couldn’t help picking favourites.

Technical details

  • 333 original artworks. JPG / SVG. 4k x 4k and 4x x 2k Stored on IPFS w/ Filecoin sealing. Pre-generated, randomised on mint. The scanlines are SVG elements on top of the base artwork. There are also full resolution images you can download of each work.

The contract includes a SHA-256 provenance hash of the entirety of the project metadata and image references. This can be used to cross-check the final set of data to ensure a fair and tamper-resistant release.

Traits and types

9 x sets (containing 24-48 pieces each for a total of 333)2 x formats (square and portrait)
5 x scanline types2 x grades

  • N - High grade x 11 (7%)
  • X - Ultra grade x 22 (3%)

6 x Materials types:

  • Stone x 34 (10%)
  • Silicon x 89 (27%)
  • Metal x 84 (25%)
  • Nuxtek x 60 (18%)
  • Chroma x 24 (7%)
  • Circuit x 42 (13%)
L to R - silicon, chroma, circuit material types
L to R - silicon, chroma, circuit material types
Lto R - nuxtek, metal, stone material types
Lto R - nuxtek, metal, stone material types

Nuxui is launching on January 22nd, 2022 at www.nuxui.art

Please check site for local timezones, it will update based on location.

Price is 0.22 ETH per Nuxui, with an optimised contract to ensure gas is as low as possible for buyers.

Is there a !roadmap ? No there is not a roadmap, however as a collector myself I appreciate we often look for more to come from a project. I have this covered and there are concrete plans for an extension of Nuxui works.

Join the Discord if you have further questions, link on site.

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