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On March 27 2033, Noble’s mainnet went live and we announced that native USDC would be issued on Noble in Q2 2023. We are overjoyed by the positive reception to Noble’s mission – to supercharge liquidity in Cosmos by bringing native asset issuance to the IBC ecosystem. 

In an effort to celebrate our vibrant and supportive community and to show off Noble’s issuance functionality, we have been distributing 500 FRNZ tokens to the community! Each FRNZ token is exclusively redeemable for a physical friendship bracelet, shipped anywhere in the world. 

Claim a FRNZ
Claim a FRNZ

Please note that FRNZ tokens do not have any external economic value beyond being able to be redeemed for a friendship bracelet. FRNZ is NOT the native token of the Noble blockchain, which aims to leverage ATOM for economic security under its plan to transition to Replicated Security. The Noble blockchain does not have a native token – read more here. 

Please read on for updated details on how to claim your exclusive Noble friendship bracelet and acquire FRNZ! 


While we initially communicated a timeline for the distribution of FRNZ tokens, we’ve since had to update it in an effort to ensure the process is as seamless as possible! The updated FRNZ campaign is as follows: 

FRNZ tokens are now available on 3 major Cosmos DEXs. These include: Osmosis, Kujira and Crescent. We also intend to support WyndDAO in the coming weeks. These DEXs have been seeded with 25 FRNZ tokens each and paired with a minimal amount of ATOM. We have set up these pools to give the community a way to trade up to 1 FRNZ token in an “open market” environment.  


On April 3, 2023 at 5PM UTC, Noble airdropped 300 million microfrienzies, totalling 300 FRNZ tokens, to axlUSDC holders across 11 Cosmos chains (Axelar, Gravity, Comdex, Crescent, Canto, Juno, Kujira, Osmosis, Iris, Secret, Evmos) who hold at least 50axlUSDC in their wallet. The airdrop snapshot took place on March 27, 2023 at 5PM UTC.

This airdrop campaign has been managed by the Notional team and included compiling a database of eligible addresses and building out the airdrop mechanism. If you can find a complete list of eligible addresses in this json file.

If you are eligible for the airdrop, the Notional team has generated Noble addresses for all eligible participants. The only exception to this are axlUSDC holders on Canto and Evmos who will have their tokens sent directly to their Canto and Evmos wallet via an IBC token transfer. 

All participants who have been airdropped their FRNZ will be able to find their tokens in their Keplr, Cypher and Leap wallets! 


As of today, FRNZ token holders will be able to start the redemption process to claim their Noble friendship bracelet, leveraging SWIFT Protocol built on the Juno blockchain. The redemption process will be managed at: 

Thank you to @CoinLandingPage & @wnmnsr for the beautiful FRNZ design work!
Thank you to @CoinLandingPage & @wnmnsr for the beautiful FRNZ design work!

Swift Protocol has developed a novel mechanism – SwiftGaurd – for ensuring customer data privacy thereby enabling the seamless transfer of sensitive information between parties. You can read more about their data encryption API here.

If you are interested in redeeming a FRNZ for a physical friendship bracelet, but would still prefer not to input your personal address details, consider the following options: 

  • Use a local dropshipping service for the delivery of your friendship bracelet 

  • Request to pick up your friendship bracelet in person this year at Cosmoverse in Istanbul, Turkey (Oct 2-4) 

  • Request to pick up your friendship bracelet in person at another Cosmos event throughout the remainder of the 2023 year, pending availability of the Noble team 

Throughout the duration of the Noble FRNZ campaign, Noble will reserve 100 FRNZ tokens to distribute as a reward for quality contributions throughout the Cosmos ecosystem.

Last but not least, to reward all FRNZ token holders, any Cosmonaut that burns at least 50,000 microfrienzies will be whitelisted for a Noble NFT to be listed on Stargaze in the coming weeks! Stay tuned for more information here.


In the spirit of community and celebration, Cosmosnauts will be able to redeem their FRNZ token for a physical bracelet indefinitely for the foreseeable future. Should this change, the Noble team will let the community know in advance when redemptions will officially close. 

Looking Ahead…

Stay tuned for announcements on asset integrations on Noble! ✨

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