Noox Awakens Recap: Bootstrapping Our OG Community

The Noox Awakens

"Noox Awakens" was launched in February 2022 as a community bootstrapping campaign focused on building a community of early contributors and rewarding them. "Noox Awakens" consists of four different rounds, and everyone who participated in the campaign will be able to access our Closed Beta Test(CBT).

Over 6,500+ unique contributors have been successfully onboarded through the campaign. Every round had a different way for participants to participate, and the number of participants varied accordingly.

How our community has grown!

Over the past two months, our community has grown exponentially.

  • 1,663 contributors reacted to our first tweet about "Noox Awakens" in Round 1.
  • 5,483 contributors joined our Discord community for Round 2.
  • 154 contributors submitted on-chain badge suggestions in Round 3.
  • 269 contributors collected Noox Genesis Pass NFTs during Round 4.

Those who participated in any one of the above rounds will be eligible for early access to the beta and token airdrop.

Wen $NOOX?

Total $NOOX allocated for “Noox Awakens” is 0.45% of the total supply. Contributors will be able to receive their rewards upon the completion of CBT along with the rewards earned through “Claim-to-Earn”. Please be mindful that to be eligible for these rewards, you must hold “Noox Awakens” Round POAPs or Genesis Pass NFT when the snapshot is taken at the end of the CBT.

The airdropped tokens are temporary tokens to be swapped for $NOOX at an 1:1 ratio once the protocol is live in the near future.

Reminder for Round 1~3 Participants

  • After April 30th, you will not be able to claim your POAP. If you do not claim the POAP within this period, early access to participate in our beta will be forfeited and you won't be able to receive any airdrop benefits.

We're very excited to have onboarded early adopters and contributors who will test our first Beta, which is scheduled to be launched around the end of April. An article will soon be published with more information about how to participate, benefits, and the exact schedule.

We are looking forward to introducing a very unique product into the market!

About Noox

Noox is a platform for Web3 users to mint badges based on on-chain actions. These badges will be soulbound NFTs that cannot be transferred. In this way, the NFTs that people own are unique identifiers, and will be used as their on-chain identity to unlock new opportunities.

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