Noox Raises $2M to Build On-Chain Reputation with Soulbound NFTs

For the first time in history, Web3 allows any user, anywhere in the world, to interact with any decentralized application on a ‘shared state machine’ – where all records of these interactions are immutably stored on a public database. One of the most important Web3 primitives over the next decade will be understanding these on-chain transactions as digital footprints, and making them useful through badges.

We’re excited to announce a $2 million seed round led by Collab+Currency with strong participation from Electric Capital, Sfermion, SamsungNext, POAP, and Alphanonce.

What is Noox?

Noox is a platform for Web3 users to mint badges based on on-chain actions. These badges will be Soulbound NFTs that cannot be transferred. In this way, the NFTs that people own are unique identifiers, and may be used as their on-chain identity to unlock new opportunities.

For example, NFT badges could be used to express that an individual is a:

  • DeFi Whale: Heavy liquidity provider with +$10M LP volumes on Sushi
  • NFT OG: CryptoPunks minter
  • BUIDLer: Gitcoin Grant receiver
  • DAO Maxi: Submitted Proposals & Vote for MetaCartel Treasury
Our upcoming beta will showcase improved UI & badge design!
Our upcoming beta will showcase improved UI & badge design!

In December 2021, we released our first MVP to ~100 community members. Since the release of our MVP, our community of early contributors has expanded with over 6,500+ users signed up to participate in our upcoming beta.

For those building in the web3 space over the last few years, it’s clear that a meaningful part of our digital identity will be informed by some combination of our on-chain assets, on-chain activities, and on-chain affiliations. Noox is building a critical piece of infrastructure to bring this vision to life – a community-curated badging protocol that will help imbue new context to each of our on-chain interactions.

- Derek Edws, Partner at Collab+Currency.

Nations, communities, and individuals may all soon interact with Web3 applications. Noox is building the protocol to add meaning to on-chain actions, an important step for us to have Web3 identity.

- Maria Shen, Partner at Electric Capital

What’s Next?

Our vision for Noox is building a protocol that allows anyone to program their own rules and transform them into claimable badge standards.

Users will be able to use EventLogs and/or Transaction data to program:

  • number of interaction
  • volume of interaction
  • value of interaction
  • time(-series) of interaction
  • etc.

We will be launching our closed beta with Web3 profile and badge explorer features towards the end of April. If you want to access the closed beta, please go read our Mirror post and claim your Genesis Pass NFT:

Noox is Hiring

If our mission to build the social primitives for Web3 resonates with you, please check out our job postings available here. Even if you don’t see something that fits you, email us at We would love to find out more ways to collaborate. Lastly, be sure to follow us on Twitter and join our Discord to stay updated on the Noox ecosystem.

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