Introducing Noox: Proof of Achievements for Your Web3 Life

What if…

you can easily visualize and understand all of your Web3 interactions.

What if…

you can use this information to interact with other users and applications.

We believe understanding the data in your wallet address holds the key to creating true digital identity for your life on Web3.

Public address is the new identity

Web3 technology and crypto allow users to interact with all DApps on a ‘shared state machine’ using a public address. Regardless of which DApps you use on-chain, the relevant records of interactions are kept on the blockchain. So the more DApps are created, the more user data will be stored on user’s public address.(Data Composability: what it is + why it matters)

One EOA to rule them all
One EOA to rule them all

We believe understanding user’s on-chain interactions and footprints is going to be the most important means of describing yourself in Web3 world. If users are able to use this when interacting with others users and applications, your public address can stop being just a wallet and become your true on-chain identity.

Web3 ecosystem will continue to grow and become more diverse, and the data from various DeFi, NFT, DAO, and Game apps will continue to accumulate on-chain. These data will describe user’s interest, achievement, and expertise. Recently, we are seeing more meaningful cases where projects are using on-chain record as a means to provide access control, permissioning, whitelisting, etc. (Efforts to reward and acquire users with meaningful on-chain achievements - BadgerDAO,, LooksRare)

Difficulty in leveraging on-chain user data

At the end of the day, whether it’s individual users, communities, DAOs, or projects, everyone wants to interact with good users but there isn’t a good tool for this. Problems:

  • It’s difficult to search and classify all on-chain records for a specific user.
  • Since there is no separate metadata for each contract, it is difficult to understand exactly what the user did.
  • It’s hard to discover a specific community’s subjective reputation.

Noox: On-chain Achievement Protocol & Web3 Profile

We are building a protocol that can read and analyze user’s on-chain records, and allow anyone to label on-chain interaction into attributes or achievements.

nooxboy.eth on Noox
nooxboy.eth on Noox

Through a simple badge format, users will be able to prove their on-chain interactions with ease, and we envision endless use-cases where DApps or protocols use this data to better understand their users and to change how they interact with them.

We have developed an MVP( and conducted a closed beta test in Dec, 2021.

Currently, we are making overall improvements to the product while developing the underlying badge protocol.

Noox(“No 0x”) is turning your wallet into digital identity

We believe your true digital identity will be created by combining all of your digital interactions(i.e. ‘what you did’, ‘what you have’, and ‘where you belong’).

We imagine a world where your public address becomes lot more than just a hash value and be the basis for your digital identity.

Noox is a crypto-native team of Web3 enthusiasts that is trying to revolutionize the way people or communities interact in a digital world. Join us in our mission to build the future of Web3 social!

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