Noox Awakens Round 4: Get Access to

The Noox Awakens

In February 2022, we launched “Noox Awakens”, a community bootstrapping campaign with two(2) missions in mind: building early community and rewarding early contributors. “Noox Awakens” consists of four(4) different rounds, and everyone who participates in the campaign will be given access to our beta.

Today, we are announcing Round 4 of the “Noox Awakens” campaign and it is also the last chance to earn your pass to access our beta, scheduled to launch this month.

Closed Beta Test (“CBT”) Launch

We are planning to launch our CBT towards the end of April to test the technical functionalities and the general user experience of Noox. During the CBT, users will be able to create profiles, explore & discover badges, and claim those that are eligible into soulbound(non-transferable) NFTs. We’re looking forward to your feedback and contribution to make Noox even better!

Why Early Access?

Noox plans to distribute over 50% of the total token supply to the community through various distribution and reward mechanisms. Apart from all the benefits of participating in the “Noox Awakens”, users who participate in the CBT will be eligible to receive additional $NOOX tokens through “Claim-to-Earn”.


  • 0.5% of the total token supply is allocated to CBT, and the tokens will be distributed based on the number of badges claimed by the user
  • Tokens will be distributed every week and there are a total of 4 batches
  • For example,
    • if a total of 100 badges were claimed during the 1st batch period
    • and if you claimed 10 badges
    • then you are eligible to receive 10% of tokens distributed for that week
  • The more badges you claim, the more tokens you are eligible to receive

How do I get Early Access?

If you haven’t yet participated in the previous rounds of “Noox Awakens”, Genesis Pass is the last and only way to access our CBT.

By holding Genesis Pass NFTs, you will be:

  • Granted access to CBT
  • Eligible for $NOOX allocated exclusively to Round 4 Genesis Pass holders
    • This only applies if you collect Genesis Pass before the end of CBT
  • Able to claim ‘Noox Early Contributor' Badge

Noox Awakens Genesis Pass

  • We are releasing a collection of 333 Genesis Pass NFTs
  • There are three(3) tiers and the number of tokens to be received varies between tiers
  • The airdropped tokens are temporary tokens to be swapped for $NOOX at an 1:1 ratio once the protocol is live in the near future

What Lies Ahead of Us

What lies ahead of us is the beginning of a new world. A new world where our interactions, achievements, and social proofs are given indelible and truthful values. At Noox, we envision a world where people will earn badges based on the (on-chain) actions they’ve taken, and these badges they own will become a unique fingerprint and identity to unlock new opportunities in the Web3-verse.

Join us in this new world.

Join us at Noox.World

About Noox

Noox is a platform for Web3 users to mint badges based on on-chain actions. These badges will be soulbound NFTs that cannot be transferred. In this way, the NFTs that people own are unique identifiers, and will be used as their on-chain identity to unlock new opportunities.

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