Noox Opens: Enjoy Collecting 👑

Closed Beta Recap

In May 2022, Noox launched its closed beta, and over the past four(4) weeks, we’ve worked with our early contributors and community members to test various technical features and the overall user experiences. We are delighted to share that we have successfully conducted our tests and would like to take this time to thank everyone who has participated in the process. The level of engagement and activity was certainly overwhelming and surprising, to say the least. During the closed beta, a total of 16,484 badges were claimed as Soulbound NFTs!

There were 83 different badges claimed out of 112 badges on Noox, and some of the rarest badges that were claimed are:

  • Ethereum Mythical User: Created 10,000+ transactions on Ethereum
  • Ethereum 2.0 Staker: Deposited at least 32 ETH for Ethereum 2.0
  • Gitcoin Angel: Donated 100+ times on Gitcoin
  • Uniswap Mythical Swapper: Swapped 500+ times on Uniswap
  • Mirror Subdomain Holder: Registered a subdomain on Mirror

We still have yet to find users who minted Bored Ape Yacht Club, participated in NounsDAO and MolochDAO governance, and Ethereum OGs who created their wallets before 2016, among a few others. For those who are out there, come claim your rightful crowns.

A total of 3,224 users participated in the closed beta, and the number of active users each week has increased dramatically week over week.

Considering only 3,687 were initially whitelisted to participate in the closed beta, we are extremely stoked by the amount of interest from the community. Once again, we thank all participants of the closed beta, and those who are eligible can now claim their $preNOOX rewards on our website. Please join our Discord to learn more about your eligibility.

Soulbound badges are now open to all users of Ethereum

Today, we’re opening up our beta to all Ethereum users. Anyone can now connect their wallet and start claiming their on-chain achievements into Soulbound NFTs.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll continue shipping frequent updates to improve your experience, such as:

  • More badges: Add more projects and actions
  • Enhanced Discovery: More ways to search and discover on-chain achievements
  • Suggest badges: Submit requests to add badges
  • Upgradability: Ability to burn and upgrade badge tiers
  • Analyzing Eventlog: Ability to identify more actions by analyzing Eventlogs
  • Discord Bot integration: Ability to integrate Noox Badges on Discord to control access and assign roles
  • And much more…

Finding a way for the Web3 natives

Noox has the ambitious vision of redefining the way users express what they did. It is a vision that requires us to invent a Web3-native way of expressing reputation, achievement, and in some cases, the part of your identity.

We believe NFTs can be much more than just visual. It can be a foundational technology that allows us to store data that is true to a given wallet or a Web3 Soul as it was envisioned and proposed by @pujaohlhaver, @glenweyl, @VitalikButerin.

We have a lot to do over the next few months of open beta—from publishing new badges to shipping more features—but the most important mission for us is to find ways for Noox Badges to be valuable downstream in the broader Web3 game that everyone is playing. We invite everyone to the open beta, and ask you to join our community to provide feedback.

Enjoy Collecting 👑

About Noox

Noox is a platform for Web3 users to mint badges based on on-chain actions. These badges will be Soulbound NFTs that cannot be transferred. In this way, the NFTs that people own are unique identifiers, and will be used as their on-chain identity to unlock new opportunities.

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