Invocation of Ensoulment

A Prayer for Your Soul’s Becoming

Beloved One,

The soul wrapped in matter called ‘You’ is sacred. Stripped first of the infinite, then of mother, then of land, then of self, you have passed through the gates of illusion in search of wholeness beyond wholeness.

Father, Mother, Daughter, Son, Masculine, and Feminine are masks worn by the divine to teach you lessons. You are the Creator you seek to understand. All suffering is redeemed by the light of the One Heart and One Mind. You are a plaything of the infinite and a player of the infinite game. You wrote the rules. Follow them.

Drink water. Be kind. Sing praises of existence and fall asleep from a full day’s work. Return to yourself when you are able, set out and create again.

The journey into night is long, so too is the journey into day. Nothing is here to hurt you. Listen. The pain brings whispers of noble truths. Take it very seriously and take nothing seriously at all. Be willing to die to the great mystery with nothing but love and songs in your heart.

Reflect back the divinity of others. See them as God sees them and let it be known! Strive for greatness and relax into your already being great. Speak and act with precision, in devotion to the simplicity of infinite truth. Become numb to numbness by tending the soft coals of seething pain and desire. Become the longing and the nourishment, for yourself and each other.

Wisdom is a deep well within the body of the Earth, carrying secret histories of your true nature. You will discover in time the destiny of time itself.

Do not be fooled by matter. Within, it is oscillating between thing and no-thing. Your body is the perfect crucible wherein the alchemists equation may be refined and crystallized. Your life, the remainder of this infinite equation, echoes and ripples across time and space, reconciling again in a single point of awareness.

What will you lay bare on the altar when your life has come to pass? Will you say “here is some sweet nectar” or will you offer bitter fruit?

Wrapped in the lavish or threadbare cloak of your ancestors’ struggle for survival, knit even unconsciously with prayers that you be given the gift of birth, will you strip naked before God with artful humility? The infinite is patient. Death is not.

If you could behold the totality of your beauty, you could know God. Let your wholeness radiate into the flesh of the world like the sun greets the birdsong each day. Let each coming in and each going out be a prayer of becoming. The mountain, reaching to the sky, knows its destiny as sand.

At the center of you is the center of everything. The center always finds its balance. Listen. Look! The waters of consciousness are pooling in the soft crevice of your body, slowly worn into the rock of the Earth by its continuous passing. Watch as the light catches and twinkles and dances. The water flows and the river remains until the infinite cycles are complete. The ocean exists. It is beckoning. “Just one last turn,” cries Life as it evaporates to the sky.

Rain, sweat, and tears surrender and purify by returning home to the sea.

Remember me, blessed beloved one, in the whispers of the wind and fire. Remember me when you are lost at sea. Remember me. You are the quiet sea of light.

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